Wall Street Jews Make It Rain on Jack Dorsey After Twitter Political Crackdown

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2017

#Twitterpurge is well underway. While some Goyim have donned PC Antifa disguises and are hiding out in the attic, even respectable paleo-conservatives like Jared Taylor and Jayda Fransen (who Trump retweeted not long ago) have been silenced.

There is more to come. The process of censoring everyone who isn’t Jewish or a J-leftist will happen over a period of weeks.

Now that Twitter has sunk it’s only selling point (freedom of speech), it is on its way to the tech junkyard where it will be buried besides AIM and Myspace.

But that hasn’t stopped them from enjoying a temporary surge on Wall Street. Jack Dorsey is shaking his booty for sweaty Jewish businessmen and they’re writing big checks in response.

Wait until he finds out that the checks bounce!

Business Insider:

Twitter’s stock is up 8% after the company began purging accounts that push racist and other hate speech.

The firm’s share price is sitting at $24.12 (£17.98), the highest it’s been all year.

Twitter began suspending hateful accounts on Monday afternoon, with the leaders of far-right group Britain First, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, among the first to go.

The purge coincides with other good news for Twitter. Bloomberg’s Tic Toc, a Twitter-only video news service which runs 24/7, also went live on Monday.

Twitter’s stock has been climbing steadily over the last week, fuelled in part by a photo from the CEO of Goldman Sachs. The image showed Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the tweet led to speculation about a takeover.

“Lloyd Blankfein took a selfie with me and thanked me for giving the ADL control over content? Maybe he wants to buy my shitty platform that doesn’t do anything, OMG!”

Twitter played a huge role in growing the Alt-Right and challenging Jewish political power in the public square during the 2016 election. Jews have used the carrot and stick to get Jack to upend the very reason for his platform’s existence (to give dissidents a political platform), starting with Goldman Sachs Jew Ned Segal taking over as CFO.

At this point, it should be obvious to everyone that (((Wall Street))) has more censorship power in our plutocracy than the government.

Matthew Prince at Cloudflare admitted that he ceded to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s demands to stop providing protection against cyber-terrorism for the Daily Stormer out of fear that Jews would attack his coming IPO.

This goes to show to all the people out there that think it’s impossible for a few Jews to be dictators in a nation of 323 million. All it takes is for a few billionaires to move a little bit of capital, and bugmen who would pimp their grandma for the right price like Jack Dorsey will respond.

Welcome to the neo-liberal order, where your human right to speak and supposed constitutional liberties mean nothing!  

Down with Wall Street!