Wales: Union Demands All Teachers Go Through “Gender Diversity Training”

Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

One day soon, having a degree from a college in the English-speaking world will be something to be ashamed of, something to hide, something you’ll need to apologize for, something that will lower your chances of getting a job. That day can’t come soon enough.


ATL Wales president Leslie Tipping said mandatory training on gender identity issues is long overdue, lamenting that staff were confused over pronouns.

Hey look, another fucking woman.

Lecturers could be put in quite an embarrassing position if they address someone as a he who is a she or neither a he or a she,” said the union boss  — warning that without proper training, staff “could end up with legal issues”.

You mean getting sued or getting arrested? This being Britain, I assume both are possible.

Declaring that students who identify as transgender or ‘non-binary’ — the latter status referring to people who claim to be neither male nor female — have “entitlements”, the union boss said compulsory training would help FE staff “understand legalities.”

Without mandatory training, Ms Tipping lamented that it is only ‘pro-active’ colleges which are making staff undergo instruction in transgender identity politics.

I identify as someone who has PTSD from reading this kind of garbage. Where’s my reparations?

LGBT+ officer for NUS Wales Jasper Williams said sixth form college staff “struggled” when the neuropsychology student declared transgender status.

“One [sixth form] teacher couldn’t get anything that wasn’t male or female,” Williams told BBC News.

“He made comments making it sound like non-binary genders made up and like a fantasy idea.


The Bangor University student said that while the college was led by a “liberal and encouraging” head teacher, staff “messed up a lot” with regards to the etiquette demanded by LGBT activists.

The only demand you “people” have that I could accept fulfilling is a happy meal right before you go in the bog.

Facilities were also an issue for transgender and ‘non-binary’ students, according to the LGBT activist, bemoaning: “Toilets were very gendered apart from the disabled on the ground floor which I didn’t feel comfortable using.”

BBC Wales contacted the 14 FE colleges in Wales to ask what “gender diversity” training they off to staff, to which three responded — all reporting an increase in the number of students claiming transgender, ‘non-binary’ or ‘genderfluid’ status.

Cardiff and Vale College said all members of staff have received training which included “protected characteristics”, with “more detailed, bespoke training” given to teachers whose subjects attract a large number of “gender diverse” students. The college it added it was working with Trans Form Cymru to create a more detailed action plan and more training.

Coleg Cambria reported that all front line staff were given training delivered by the transgender community, and that each college site has gender neutral toilets.

Next time you hear about a mass shooting at a college, remember that the guy with the gun is probably saner than most of the people he’s shooting.