Wales Makes Covid Pass Mandatory for All Adults Attending Nightclubs and Large Events

Wales, Scotland, and England are all introducing these passes at different times to give the public the false impression that their respective leaders are operating independently, and just happen to come to the same conclusion about how we need to deal with this deadly virus.

It’s all just a tiresome charade.

Scotland introduced this pass on Oct 1st, Wales today, and soon, England – which is currently open, and which “ditched” plans for the pass in September – will follow suit just like everywhere else.


The Welsh NHS Covid pass comes into effect on Monday, with over-18s required to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test to enter large events and nightclubs, in an effort to protect the health service over winter.

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford stood by the decision to proceed with the introduction of the Covid measure despite concerns from individuals within the nightclub industry that they are being “singled out” by the government.

Speaking as the new scheme comes into effect, Drakeford accepted that it could be “vulnerable to abuse,” with some faking lateral flow test results, but said he hopes citizens will abide by the rules to help the nation recover from the pandemic.

To prevent potential abuses, Wales’ government is looking to pass a law that will make it illegal to fake a Covid test, although Welsh politicians have questioned how such a law would be enforced given that lateral flow tests are self-certified.

Drakeford rejected the opposition from nightclubs, saying that there is a “cost issue” as “nightclubs already have to check people for their age.”

With anyone over 16 able to get fully vaccinated in Wales, the scheme will require all over-18s to show they have been double-jabbed or have tested negative for the virus in the previous 48 hours before entering nightclubs or larger gatherings.

It’s the usual process: first, they introduce the pass for something like this, which doesn’t affect most people, to minimize potential resistance. Then, once the precedent has been set and people have become accustomed to it, they’ll extend the pass to other, more essential services.

Then, before long, you’ll need to get the toxic vaccine and countless boosters (tests will no longer be accepted) just to purchase groceries, log onto the internet, or see your newborn son in hospital.

How do people not see how obvious this all is?