Wakandan Kills Coalburner Wife and Some Other Guy

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2018

Daniel Sears.

At least they found him dead.

We don’t need these high-tech Wakandans running around, doing that murder like all that.


Court documents say an Evansville man accused of shooting his wife and a second man had threatened to shoot the woman on multiple occasions.

They say 33-year-old Daniel Sears threatened to shoot and kill 31-year-old Maygen Sears by phone and text messages from Jan. 4 to 11.

Police say Daniel Sears was found dead in his SUV at the Vanderburgh County 4H Center on Sunday after he allegedly shot and killed Maygen Sears and 41-year-old Richard Popp of Worthville, Kentucky. Popp was shot in a car.

Maygen Sears.