Wait – Did Donald Trump Just Snub Mel Gibson at Fight Night?

Donald Trump and Mel Gibson both went out on Sunday night to watch the literal white nigger Conor McGregor get his leg broken.

Trump got a standing ovation.

What I want to understand here is: did Trump snub Mel? Or was this an accident?

It’s not 100% clear that Mel was even trying to get Trump’s attention, he might have just been standing up to salute him.

Mel saluted him, but it’s not even clear that Trump saw him. The crowd was too loud for him to be able to hear anyone telling him Mel was there.

Neither of them have commented on it yet (though this only happened a couple hours ago).

If Trump snubbed Mel, then what even is that? Is it some kind of Jared Kushner Jewish thing?

If I was Trump, I would have asked to be seated next to Mel – if he’d have me.

If Trump snubbed Mel Gibson, then that is the last bit of remaining sympathy that I have for the man totally gone forever.

Any type of negativity towards Mel Gibson is a couple million bridges too far for me.

The horrible part is: at this point I can just see Jared Kushner saying “I’d prefer if you didn’t acknowledge the presence of Mel Gibson at the event, Donald” and Trump agreeing to it.

The entirety of the last five years of my life have been defined by Donald Trump agreeing to outrageously evil demands by the vile Jew infiltrator Jared Kushner.

It’s nice to see people at UFC without the faggot masks. Nice to see the big crowds of people. Even though it doesn’t mean anything because everything is doomed, I’m still going to enjoy the niceness of seeing a bunch of people gathered together and having fun without those faggot masks.

The snap also brought me joy.

And Joe, haha.

I wish I could have been there.