Waffle House Waitress Fired for Shooting at Black Robbers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2017

This is the world we live in.

You cannot even kill your enemies without being fired.

Newnan Times-Herald:

A local waitress who fired her gun at three fleeing robbers is now out of a job.

Heather “Shorty” Burkinshaw-Stanley learned Friday by phone that she was terminated from her job at Waffle House a day after the restaurant was robbed.

Three men ate a meal and then, instead of paying, gave the cashier a note warning everyone in the building would be shot if money in the cash register wasn’t handed over to the trio.

After they departed on foot, Stanley retrieved a gun from her own car in the parking lot and fired over the heads of the robbers.

“I wasn’t sure if they were coming back or not,” she said Friday afternoon following her dismissal. “I was in fear for my life, my co-workers’ lives, and I did what I thought was right.”

Corporate spokesman Pat Warner declined to discuss specifics of a personnel matter but said local managers do the hiring and firing with consultation from the home office.

Like most businesses, the company has internal security measures but doesn’t ask workers to be heroes. Employees are trained on how to act in the case of a robbery.

“We want people to feel safe on both sides of the counter,” he said.

Someone has to have a petition up about this, no?

I can’t find one.

I will be boycotting Waffle House, however. Even though I do believe they have the best coffee of all, and enjoy the ye olde time atmosphere and friendly fat waitresses such as the one in question.

Somethings I won’t miss during my boycott.

You know what I wish would happen?

I wish Donald Trump would tweet about this, and call for a Waffle House boycott.

He should be defending the people.