Waffle House Killer Arrested… In the Woods Behind His Apartment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2018

Okay, so…


Police just took Travis Reinking, the suspect in the Waffle House shooting, into custody.

A source with knowledge of the investigation says Reinking was arrested near a wood line area behind an apartment complex, CNN’s Nick Valencia reports. It’s the same area where he was last seen.

This is like about 36 hours after the shooting.

How is it possible it took that long to find him in the woods behind his apartment complex?

He can’t have left those woods, because he didn’t have any vehicle. The idea he left the woods on foot, then returned on foot without being seen – that can’t be what happened.

Maybe they just didn’t think to check the woods behind his apartment because that would be too obvious?


Not any weirder than any other element of this story.

I wrote a longer thing about it earlier today.

This is a very, very weird story.

But I guess it’s just… our new reality.