Wacky Wednesday: Kenosha Ragnarok

I recently started doing Memetic Mondays again. This was a very popular series of Monday memes that I have done on and off, but which were usually done by someone else. They hadn’t been done for a while, and I started doing them again.

John Carpenter, editor of Daily Stormer (formerly Hoax Watch), told me that these are the most popular articles by a lot, and that we were bringing in new traffic by posting memes. At first I felt stupid about this, like all of my intelligent writing cannot compare to funny pictures. But then I realized that actually, I’m a meme genius. There are memes all over the internet, but people want to see my meme collections, because I’m a brilliant meme curator.

We still are not allowed to post Pepe memes. Every week, I pass by dozens of good memes featuring Pepe, and I can’t use them. And yet, somehow, I still manage to kill it so hard that I have extra memes left over for a second meme day.

That one really hit me straight in the feels. I might write up a further commentary on that. It was important enough that I took the time to edit out the Pepe. I might start doing that regularly, just put a black block over Pepes.

But the big thing right now: the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is supposed to come down today.

I figure most of these Rittenhouse memes will be replaced with new Rittenhouse memes, whichever way the verdict goes, so I need to dump them off.

I feel relatively confident that he’ll get off. However, we must remember that the jury is already being threatened, and they can’t not know that. They’re not supposed to read the news, but after George Floyd’s nephew said he was sending people to the court to film the jury, the judge himself said that people were filming the jury. So they no doubt know that black people are planning to kill them if they vote to acquit. It’s possible they’re looking for some smaller charge to convict him of, to keep their consciences clean(ish) and also to stay alive.

The fact that the government allows these people to openly intimidate juries is really one of the top pieces of evidence available for the fact that this entire country is now nothing more than a sleazy clown porno.

Far from not stopping it, the government is involved in it. Calling the National Guard up before the verdict is also a form of jury intimidation. It’s the state saying “if you don’t bring the right verdict, you’re responsible for the city burning.”


Here’s those memes I mentioned.