Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney Joins Heretical Evangelicals in DC Solidarity March with Looter Agenda

Mitt Romney pretending to be a pillar of morality is one of the most disgusting things imaginable. There are other people who were involved with Bain Capital and similar vulture organizations who probably delight in being called evil. That isn’t good, but it is at least comprehensible.

If you don’t know what this guy did for a living before entering politics, take the time to read Matt Taibbi’s classic Rolling Stone article on him. He is beyond the pale. He is literal human sewage.

Being the literal embodiment of evil and then going around harassing the entire world by telling them how moral you are is something that only a select few in the history of humanity have done, and Mitt Romney is likely history’s primary example of this behavior.

George W. Bush is almost as bad, having started that stupid war in Iraq based on fake intelligence and going out there and condemning the evils of white people, but two things are different: Bush still maintains some form of plausible deniability with regards to what he did and Bush is nowhere near as aggressive as Mitt Romney in making sure the whole world knows what a bastion of morality he is.  George W. Bush didn’t vote to impeach Trump, George W. Bush isn’t out there marching with the looter mob and promoting a black genocide hoax.

Not even Obama or Hillary Clinton are marching with the looters. A literal woman*, and a black racial activist riot-starter, managed to figure out that no one wants to see their faces recycled onto this rioter spectacle.

And yet this guy crawls out of Utah to painfully remind us that he, unlike his politics, is not yet dead.


Republican Senator and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Sunday marched in a Washington, DC, protest after the death of George Floyd in a break from other GOP lawmakers who have largely aligned behind President Donald Trump’s militarized response to nationwide unrest.

Romney told a Washington Post reporter that he was participating in the demonstration “to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.” The Utah senator later tweeted a photo of himself at the protest with the caption “Black Lives Matter,” becoming one of the most prominent GOP figures to do so.

An aide to Romney said the senator did not have any further comment on his participation, and that he wasn’t intending to publicize his march. Romney’s words during the march, captured on video by the Washington Post, are all he wants to say at this point, the aide said.

Joining the evangelical group was “spontaneous,” the aide said, adding that Romney was in DC and intended to march Sunday. He came across a group of 1,000 to 1,500 evangelicals from the DC area near the Capitol and joined their march for an hour and a half, the aide added.

His participation comes as Republicans — for the most part — have backed the President following his threats to use the military on protesters and his controversial church photo-op last Monday.

Romney, who marched with a large group of evangelical Christians along Pennsylvania Avenue, also told the Post he was participating in the demonstration to bring awareness to the need to “end violence and brutality.” He tweeted last month that “The George Floyd murder is abhorrent.”

“Peaceful protests underscore the urgency of addressing injustices,” the former GOP presidential nominee said. “But violence drowns the message of the protesters and mocks the principles of justice.”

What message is that, exactly?

That it’s sad that a middle-aged drug addict with heart disease died of a heart attack?

Ten unarmed black people died by the hands of the police last year, and half of them were attacking the police.

How many thousands are shot to death by other blacks?

How many tens of thousands die because of rampant black obesity?

If Mitt Romney cared about black people, and if he could do basic math, he would be out there talking about forcing KFC to stop serving soft drinks, and start serving vegetables with the fried chicken.

He was pretty good at math when he was out there buying up companies, loading them with debt, looting all of their assets, and having them declare bankruptcy.

So, I guess he just doesn’t care.


Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.