VR Sex Game: Would You Hit That?

I bought one single Hentai game as a joke to play on a stream like two years ago, and Steam is still shilling hardcore sex games at me.

The Hentai game I bought wasn’t even a hardcore sex game. It was an old school platformer that just had like, a 16 bit nude character that would get raped by monsters when you died.

I don’t have to explain anything to you!

But yes: if you buy one light Hentai game on Steam, they will shill sex games at you for the rest of your life.

Anyway, I’m trying to keep track on the VR sex games, as I think that eventually, these are going to get really realistic, and that will really cause people to give up on life even worse.

Why not take the vaxx if you’ve got a VR gf?

Why not turn into a completely fat slob who never leaves his house?

What reason is there to do anything, if you’ve got a VR gf?

So: the latest VR sex game is called VR Hot.

Again, I don’t play these games. I also don’t watch porn. I recommend everyone keep to that philosophy.

But the game popped up on my feed. Most of the VR girlfriends are what you would expect: vaguely Asian-looking with big tits.

Pretty normal.

Asian women are much more attractive than white women – however, they have small breasts. Therefore, the fantasy is an Asian woman with huge breasts.

The most popular VR sex game is Japanese, featuring a gook schoolgirl with massive donkers.

However, I was utterly shocked by this VR girlfriend:


  • That is one of the girls advertised!
  • I saw that bitch’s face before I even clicked on the Steam page for the game!

I said to myself:

  • What is going on here?
  • Who in the universe would have a fantasy about a fat short-haired pig?

Having thought about it, I realized the answer was that probably a lot of men fantasize about fat short-haired pigs.

You see: men’s sexuality is completely out of whack. Absolutely.


Basically, every man under the age of 60 has either:

  • A single mother, or
  • A otherwise domineering mother who controlled and humiliated his father

When you get down to under 40, this is literally universal.

I don’t really think I need to explain that. Just think about it for a second. Think about your own mother, then think about the mothers of every man you know.

So, you’re asking: how does that relate to a man’s fantasy being a short-haired pig?

Well, just wait and relax, because I’m going to tell you soon.

Here’s the deal:

  • A son of a domineering mother has zero self-confidence, because you have to get your self-confidence from your father, and he can’t give you that if he is absent or being oppressed by your mother.
  • A son of a domineering mother learns very early on that his survival is dependent on the whims of a powerful female who controls him, and decides whether he eats.
  • Over the course of his development, the son develops a twisted and pathological relationship with the mother, in which his entire emotional universe surrounds her approval. He becomes manic because her approval is not really based on anything other than her own manic emotions.
  • Because his survival as a small child is based on the unhinged emotions of this manic woman, he develops an ingrained neural rewards system wherein his brain rewards him for receiving the approval of a manic woman.

Now that I’ve said it, you all know it’s true.

Conversely, if you’re raised in a patriarchy, your father protects you, and ensures that you’re fed. Even if you displease him, he doesn’t threaten to stop feeding you or leave you in a parking lot. That protection from the father, and the belief that a father has in his son, builds your personal self-esteem, and you seek to become like your father.

This is all just obvious, and it is the underlying problem of our entire society: all of these flimsy, pathetic men were the product of a domineering mother. After the revolutions of the 1960s, all women were “empowered” by the basic nature of the situation, and seized control.

Unless you were born on some rural farm somewhere that had no connection to civilization, then — no, you know what. You didn’t escape this. You didn’t. We all experienced this. Every one of us.

Which, by the way, does mean that your mother was not *personally* responsible. If every woman did the same thing, then we can’t hardly hold them all *personally* responsible. This was a social phenomenon and clearly, if you give women the ability to control men, they will do it, in every situation, no matter what.

Islam is right about women.

Maybe you were better off with a single/divorced mother, as you didn’t have to witness your father being controlled and ultimately destroyed by your mother. I think that’s probably true. Most of the people I’ve met with right in them didn’t have a father around.

Men have responded to this situation differently:

  • Some men emulate the mother, and become homosexual.
  • Some men simply seek to repeat the situation with the mother with a woman, finding a woman to be their new mommy (this is what a “boyfriend” is – he is a lost puppy seeking a mommy).
  • Some men try to be “cool guys” and “ladies’ men,” mixing homosexual behavior patterns with approval-seeking (the most extreme form of this is the self-identifying “pick up artist,” but all men who seek to have sex with a lot of non-prostitute women are seeking as much approval as possible).

Those are the main types. You’ll find that an incel is usually a failed attempt at the second type. Most of them say they want a girlfriend to “love them” and to “care for them.” This is just a very obvious way of saying “I want a new mommy.”

The list of issues that result from the lack of confidence is literally infinite, but here are a few examples of things men do to try to deal with the hole in their souls where they were supposed to have self-esteem:

  • Get tattoos
  • Develop substance abuse problems
  • Work out and become yoked or take steroids and become yoked
  • Become obsessed with money
  • Buy an oversized truck
  • Do cunnilingus
  • Talk about giving women orgasms and say it’s really important to pleasure a woman during sex (honestly, I would rather a man tell me he is a child molester than that he loves giving women orgasms)
  • Develop an aggressive and angry personality, where they get in people’s faces and so on (tough guy)
  • Become effeminate, taking on the social behaviors of women (heterosexual men who do this actually are more feminine than homosexuals, the latter having their own entirely different social order)
  • Develop an “individualist” or “artist” identity, where they obsess over finding some hidden meaning in life to compensate for the obvious meaning in life they don’t have, which is a normal patriarchal family – they also pretend to be “deep” in order to try to impress women. (These men are especially horrible, as a result of totally unwarranted self-importance and the belief they are especially gifted in finding hidden meaning, but they just haven’t stumbled on it yet. They often become vindictive when they begin to realize that their illusory specialness will never be appreciated. This is the personality of the compulsive-obsessive journalist, for example. I’ve had several of these trying to ruin my life as a way to demonstrate their value to women.)
  • Become a neo-Nazi

Regardless: in every situation, you learn that the woman is the source of all power in the universe. Therefore, it becomes natural to serve women, and to acknowledge their dominant role in society. It’s a Stockholm syndrome that is so ubiquitous that no one notices it. Men just assume that all of this bizarre stuff, and the underlying lack of self-esteem, must be natural because everyone is doing it. Virtually all of the people who remember something else are already dead.

A fat short-haired pig is a symbol of feminine power, so it isn’t surprising that some men would sexually fetishize this.

This probably doesn’t happen to very many men, but apparently it happens to enough that the A/B testing of this game turned up enough upvotes for a short-haired sow that they included her in the promo material.

There are varying degrees of this.

I remember when Sports Illustrated did their first “plus size” model, Ashley Graham, and I wrote about this cow.

People responded saying “oh, but I don’t like skinny girls – this is basically my perfect woman!”

I naturally told those people that they are sickening perverts.

But you know, this goes back to the thing with gays: you can’t control your sexual attraction mechanism. Apparently, you can maybe become progressively more perverse through pornography and fetishism, but the underlying sexual drive is going to be there, and you can’t really change that.

That goes for much of the damage that is done by the mother. Like it or not, your personality and identity were shaped when you were a child, and your mother was in control of that shaping, and that is going to loom over you for the rest of your life. If you have children, a shadow of it will loom over them as well. That’s just life.

The best thing to do is to try to understand it, and then force yourself to buck the trend as much as possible.

You can also set up rules for yourself. A basic one is that you never want to be some bitch’s “boyfriend.” That is like being a small dog. It is humiliating and dehumanizing. The purpose of romantic relationships is sex and/or children. It is not “friendship” or “companionship.” You do not need a female “partner.” That is weird and gay. It’s literally gay – who enjoys the company of women in a friendship setting? It’s homosexuals and otherwise very effeminate men. If you get caught being the boyfriend, you’ve really failed badly, and you need to reevaluate your life.

In general, you need to evaluate all of your interactions with women.

Most of all, I think that Jesse Lee Peterson is 100% correct in the need to forgive your mother. It’s the only way to release all of that anger inside. The anger holds the place of self-esteem, as it is the only defense mechanism a small boy has to protect his ego. When you release that, you can begin to build self-esteem.

In forgiving her, you acknowledge her guilt in wrecking your entire life, permanently, but you also acknowledge that she wouldn’t have done it on purpose. Something happened with women, when they got the option of having this power, they all just came totally unglued. It’s 100% of women.

There is nothing more exhausting than this boomer trope of “there are good women out there.” There are no “good women” or “bad women.” Women do not have personal agency. Their behavior is entirely determined by their environment, and therefore they cannot be good or bad.

Under the Taliban, there are no feminists. Women are forced to wear burkas, and they have no say in anything. They cannot be feminists.

The opposite is true in the modern West. There are no non-feminists. They all have power at their fingertips, and they cannot help but use it to wreck everything around them. They cannot be non-feminists.

If you understand this, you can understand what the Jew social-engineers were trying to do in Afghanistan: they were trying to kick-start feminism, which would completely unravel the entire social order, and bring about every bad thing. With women’s liberation, you get all of the bad things – not just because of the behavior of liberated women, but because of the behavior of men who are raised by liberated women. Liberating women creates a death spiral, where all of the worst things must necessarily happen.

The Taliban can say Allah triumphed, if they want to. That’s their perception of order.

What actually triumphed, however, was masculinity and patriarchy.

That is the only possible victory anyone is going to have. We need to fight for masculinity, above all.

It is shocking and bizarre that so many “right-wingers” do not stand up for men and masculinity. It’s actually confusing. I don’t exactly understand what they are even fighting for at all. Multiculturalism, homosexuality, socialism, and all of the other things that right-wingers are opposed to are the direct result of women’s liberation.

Jews are only a tiny percentage of the population, and most people in the West have never even known a Jew. The process of Judaism was unleashing women. Women will create every bad thing, once they are unleashed. They serve as a personal army for the Jews.

Remember this: “right-wingers” who promote women’s liberation only care about women’s liberation. They are necessarily saying:

“I’m against Jews, multiculturalism, homosexuality, etc. – but I am not willing to sacrifice the liberation of women to end these things. We have to figure out a way to solve these problems while preserving women’s liberation.”

If you don’t believe me, then find one and press them on it. They will try to debate the meaning of “feminism” and “liberation” and say they support “traditional families.”

However, if you nail them down, and ask, “are you willing to return to pre-20th century gender norms, where women were prohibited from being a part of public society and be treated as property by men?”, they will tell you they are unwilling to do that, and that we have to find some other solution, wherein we get rid of every other aspect of modernity, but maintain women’s liberation.

That means that the whole thing is entirely meaningless. Any right-winger who endorses women’s rights is simply jerking off, and doesn’t care about anything he is saying. The only thing he actually cares about is the same thing that all other sons of domineering mothers care about: preserving female dominance of society.

I’ve been through all of this with these people. Obviously, the neo-Nazis are the most extreme feminists on the right, often going even further than the left on the question of women’s liberation, but it’s everywhere. If they’re not talking about the woman problem, then they support it. There is no other reason not to talk about the single most important issue in all of the world.