Vox Demands YouTube Ban Any Criticism of Homosexuals

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

The Jews at Vox believe that faggots should be immune from criticism on YouTube.

Despite YouTube demonetizing and banning numerous channels because of jokes made by Steven Crowder, the Jews at Vox are still not satisfied with the outcome. Vox has penned an open letter to Susan Wojcicki, the Jewish feminist who runs YouTube, and are making further demands.

They are basically demanding that YouTube ban Crowder and anybody else who criticizes anything a homosexual says or does.


YouTube’s social media profiles have been updated with a rainbow-themed version of your logo to celebrate Pride Month. But to truly celebrate your LGBTQ creators and users, there’s another more meaningful update you need to make this month.

Your platform has made it easier than ever for people making abusive content to reach a massive scale. As Vox video producer Carlos Maza documented in a Twitter thread, he’s been the subject of repeated personal attacks by the popular YouTube commentator Steven Crowder. During a series of videos attempting to rebut Carlos’s arguments, he calls Carlos “the lispy queer from Vox,” along with many other homophobic and racist slurs. These repeated attacks on Carlos’s sexual orientation and ethnicity have led to vicious onslaughts, including doxxing and dogpiling, from many of Crowder’s millions of fans.

To Carlos, us, and many of your creators and users, this behavior is in clear violation of your company’s community guidelines. YouTube’s harassment policy states that “content that makes hurtful and negative personal comments/videos about another person” will be removed from the platform. Your hate speech policy states, “We remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on” race, sexual orientation, and many other protected attributes.

To YouTube, however, Crowder’s behavior — while worthy of demonetization — is not in violation of these policies, as long as the offending language is not “the primary purpose” of a video. If the repeated harassment in these videos doesn’t cross the line by YouTube’s standards, then your line needs to be moved. Without a serious change to YouTube’s interpretation of its standards, Crowder is free to continue to make videos where he hurls slurs at journalists and creators, who will then keep getting hit with the same sort of harassment, invective, and dangerous leaking of personal information that Carlos has continued to experience from Crowder’s fans.

The suggestion implicit in YouTube’s inaction is that this harassment is simply the cost of doing business for a gay person of color on your platform. That is unacceptable to us. It should be unacceptable to you too.

In other words, they believe that any criticism of any faggot at any time for any reason represents “hate speech.” Even if that criticism has nothing to do with that person’s degenerate sexual habits. Just disagreeing with a homosexual is automatically “hate speech” according to these clowns. And they want anybody who does this to be permanently banned from uploading videos to YouTube.

Crowder may have referred to the Latinx Jew Maza as a “lispy queer,” but that’s just an accurate description of him. Maza willfully chose to make his homosexuality a major part of his social media brand. He even chose to use the Twitter handle @gaywonk. So calling him a “lispy queer” can’t even be considered hateful.

But Crowder’s criticism of Maza had little to do with him being a faggot. It was primarily focused on the retarded ideas that he presents in his videos that are easily debunked with basic logic. And dealing with criticism is just part and parcel of being a public figure. Yet for some reason, Vox believes that Maza should be shielded from all of this simply because he’s a homosexual. It just doesn’t work that way.

In the same letter, they hilariously claim to support free speech. This despite the fact that they just demanded YouTube ban any person who disagrees with anything any homosexual says or does. This is obviously the exact opposite of supporting free speech.

We are strong supporters of lively political debate and free speech and believe that turning a blind eye to abuse does nothing to advance either. Our efforts to protect Carlos and others from historically marginalized groups from being silenced or driven from the platform by incessant harassment are in line with these values. We appreciate YouTube’s efforts to work to improve your hate speech policy and your recent commitment to seriously review your harassment policy, and understand that making the internet a safer place while protecting political speech is a complicated, difficult task.

But right now those policies make everyone less safe. The dangerous backlash against creators who dare to speak out against abuse is all the more explosive when your rules are confusing and applied inconsistently and without transparency.

They are conflating criticism and harassment as one and the same. But what’s happening to Maza is no different than what regularly happens to all sorts of other public figures. And we don’t see other public figures demanding that YouTube go on a ban rampage because of it.

Even the leftist comedian Jimmy Dore called out Vox and Maza for their retarded behavior.

On top of that, Vox is trying to claim that YouTube has a responsibility to ban people for safety reasons. The thing is, stifling free speech only serves to make everyone less safe. Bloomberg of all media outlets actually recently ran a piece admitting that silencing free speech on the Internet would only increase the likelihood that people would lash out in violence. It is a point that many of us have regularly made on the Daily Stormer and it is 100 percent true. If you want to limit violence, you absolutely have to have an open dialogue. Without this, people lose hope that their political grievances will be addressed and this leads some people to retaliate violently.

Vox’s argument is even weaker when one considers that Maza himself has openly called for people to be violently attacked with milkshakes.

Everything that Vox said in this letter is bullshit. Homosexuals are not an oppressed group of people as they claim. They are a group that has been bestowed special privileges by the Jewish establishment. The very fact that Maza was able to use his homosexuality to get YouTube to demonetize and ban numerous channels is evidence of that privilege. And even all that wasn’t enough for them. This is just more evidence that there is a Jewish agenda to shut down any and all criticism of the sick clown world they’ve created.