Vox.com is Extremely Concerned About Free Speech in Hong Kong

As I say often, I’m very tired of pointing out that the left is hypocritical. It is a totally established fact that they do not have any kind of principles, and will do whatever it takes to push through their agenda.

However, seeing Vox.com complain about attacks on free speech in Hong Kong just gave me a literal seizure. Literally, just minutes ago, I was on the floor, flopping around and foaming at the mouth.

For those who may not remember, in 2017 I became the most censored person ever in all of history. This happened ostensibly because I made a few jokes about a fat woman. The mainstream media was the sole force responsible, having waged a brutal campaign to demand that I be censored by every single media company on the internet.

I just Googled “site:vox.com daily stormer,” and found that the top four articles about this site on that site were calls for censorship.

In articles #2 and #4, Vox was demanding and celebrating completely new forms of censorship that no one had ever thought of before. In article #1, they were demanding that Russia ban me.

Vox does not support “free speech.” What they support is the destabilization of China, which they view as evil because it doesn’t allow gays, Moslems or black people. However, “we have to destabilize China so that we can force a Jewish value system down the throats of these people” sounds bizarre, so they claim to value free speech, something which most people tend to be sympathetic with in theory.

Of course, if you were to somehow pin these people down and press them on the issue, they would claim to be Libertarians, and tell you that a private company is allowed to censor whoever they want, and say that it is different when a government does it. However, it is not different when a government does it – if your speech is taken away from you, it is gone. It doesn’t matter who does it. Imagine if someone told you it is okay for Google to murder you, because they’re not the government. It does not make sense.

Furthermore, the government is responsible for me being deprived of my speech, because they refused to uphold their Constitutional duty and defend my free speech. If the government suddenly announced that they are going to allow Google to murder people, because they think it should only be illegal for the government to murder people, no one would say, “I support the rights of private corporations to murder people, as long as the government doesn’t do it.” Furthermore, people would blame the government for any murders that took place, saying that it was the duty of the government to defend people from murder, and that by decriminalizing murder, they enabled these murders.

There is simply no context in which “it’s okay for private companies to deprive you of your rights” makes sense.

Speaking of free speech and Libertarian gibberish, after Stefan Molyneux was banned from YouTube this week, someone reminded me of what he did when I was banned from everything in 2017.

When that happened, I made a large amount of noise, saying that it was soon going to happen to everyone else if they did not stand with me.

Tucker Carlson did defend me (in multiple segments, God bless him).

But virtually everyone else was silent, including Alex Jones, Paul Joseph and others.

The person who really went above and beyond in not defending me however was Stefan Molyneux. I called for people to go to him, as he was someone making a big deal about his belief in free speech, and to tell him to defend me, and he¬†literally identified and banned from his YouTube comments section anyone who said my name. If you typed “Daily Stormer” or “Andrew Anglin” in the comments section, you were immediately banned. Here’s an article from September 2017 where I mentioned this weird action by Mr. Molyneux.

I don’t say this now to gloat. What’s done is done, and it just is what it is.

I simply want to point out that this was a decision that was made. It was an absolutely horrible decision by the right-wing, this decision to not defend me when I was completely banned from everything for totally legal speech. I get that these people are older and didn’t understand the kind of humor I was doing at the time, but that is completely irrelevant. They did not have to say, “I support everything this man says and I think he’s a hero.” They could have in fact said, “I don’t support this guy at all, but if he loses his speech, we’re all going to lose our speech.”

We could have rallied, we could have formed a coalition that existed to defend speech on principle. It’s not really that far outside of the mainstream – or at least it wasn’t in 2017. When I was looking for the above Tucker Carlson clip, I found a YouTube report from the LA Times on the topic.

While Stefan Molyneux was refusing to mention me and banning anyone who did, this mainstream media outlet was talking about how this set a dangerous precedent.

If we were to draw any lesson from this, we would conclude that it is of the utmost importance that people on the right stand together and defend principles of freedom, because people on the left are always going to stand together and attack freedom.

But I guess it doesn’t really matter now. Everyone is banned and we’re about to start getting slaughtered by black people.

So, whatever.