Vox Claims That Only 2 Percent of Terrorist Attacks in Europe are Motivated by Religion

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2017

This faggot from Vox wants you to think that Islam is a religion of peace.

Vox has put out a video dissecting why they think White supremacists like Tucker Carlson.

The video features some type of mixed-race faggot with a lisp lecturing the viewer about how Carlson is a bad man because White supremacists agree with some of his views. Richard Spencer, David Duke and the Daily Stormer are all mentioned.

We must remember however that in today’s political environment a White supremacist is defined as a White person who is to the political right of Karl Marx. For instance, the 42nd President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton is a White supremacist.

A full length essay could be written dissecting all of the misleading statements and outright lies they use to push their distorted world view. Many of the YouTube comment posters have already debunked much of what they presented.

There was however, one claim that stood out above the rest.

Vox claimed that only 2 percent of terror attacks in the European Union have been religiously motivated. 2 percent!

They are basing this claim on statistical data generated only from 2009 to 2013. This was before Europe was hit with the Moslem migrant invasion, and after London and Madrid and other high-profile attacks of the 00s (while including Breivik). They purposefully cherry picked a favorable time period when there were fewer Islamic terror attacks to present a grossly misleading perception of today’s reality – and these numbers are still a hoax.

My esteemed colleague¬†Lauritz Von Guildhausen made an interesting analogy about this. What Vox did was the equivalent of claiming that no Russians were killed by Germans in World War II by only citing pre-1941 war statistics. We would all laugh at someone who tried to make such a claim, but that’s essentially what Vox has tried to do here.

There was also no effort by Vox to describe how terrorism was defined in order to determine this 2 percent figure. It looks as if Europol generated this number by classifying crime and extremist activities as terrorism. There’s honestly no other way to explain how they got that number.

Unless they calculated total numbers of deaths rather than total number of attacks as the screen says, and included Breivik’s high score… but still, the math doesn’t even make sense then.

Either way, the claim is entirely misleading.

A list of terror attacks in Europe from 2014 to present shows that nearly every single event has been Islamic in nature. This has coincided entirely with the “refugee” invasion.

Also, a list of terror attacks in Europe since 2001 resulting in 10 or more killed, shows that the vast majority of those have been Islamic related.

To claim that there is not a problem with Islamic terrorism is insane.

Honest question: does Vox actually think they are putting out good propaganda with this garbage? The average person is not going to react well to a lisping mystery meat homosexual lecturing them about tolerance. Apparently they haven’t quite figured that out yet.

These Numbers

Perhaps the most shocking part is that the video has nearly half a million views, after having been up only 36 hours.

Who is watching this tripe?

Who does the faggot Mexican appeal to?

Is there really a large number of people who feel they need to be lied to about what is happening right in front of their eyes, and just surf the internet to find these reassuring lies?

Or is Vox just using its private funding to push this link through advertisement?

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.