Virus Aside, I Wouldn’t Meet with Kamala Harris Without a Plexiglass Shield Between Us

The witch Kamala isn’t going to weasel her way out of the debate.

Business Insider:

When Kamala Harris and Mike Pence face each other in the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, they will do so through plexiglass barriers – an additional protective measure approved by the Commission on Presidential Debates, according to Politico.

The plan came about after a five-day period in which at least a dozen White House and GOP officials, including President Donald Trump, tested positive for the coronavirus. Plexiglass will also separate Harris and Pence from moderator Susan Page.

Harris has supported the move to increase coronavirus-related precautions. However, Pence’s spokesperson, Katie Miller, seemed to mock the plexiglass plan, referring to it as a “fortress.”

Pence also decided not to self-isolate after attending several events with people who later tested positive, including a ceremony for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett last Saturday. The CDC recommends a 14-day quarantine for anyone with known coronavirus exposure. The vice president tested negative for the virus on Monday.

I’m just going to tell you this: totally aside from any of this virus nonsense, if someone came to me and was like, “Kamala Harris wants to meet with you,” the first thing I would say is, “well, is there going to be a plexiglass wall between us?”

This bitch is like something out of hell, you see. Not one single person would be surprised if she jumped up across a desk and ripped your throat out with her teeth.

I’m at least as afraid of Kamala Harris as I am of a shark, let me just tell you that.

She is actually like an ancient demonic entity that has somehow manifested itself in our dimension, and people should be afraid of her.

The fact that we’re actually having a discussion about putting this creature in charge of our country is confusing and harrowing to the core.

Seriously: can you imagine one evil thing that she would not be willing to do to you?

You can’t imagine it because it doesn’t exist.

Every single form of total evil is possible with this vicious otherworldly demon creature in charge of our country.

Someone needs to ask her about her Hindu religion and if she does human sacrifices.

The bitch is literally a practicing Hindu.

How is it possible that this has not yet come up in the media?

Why is Fox News not talking about it?

All Sean Hannity wants to do is keep saying that she’s a socialist, which everyone already knows.

I don’t expect Mike Pence to man-up and ask her about her evil and satanic religious beliefs.

What he does need to do is press her on stacking the Supreme Court and ending the filibuster, as well as her support for violent communist groups. She is on record making all of these insane statements, so it’s not hard to make her look even worse than she does normally.

Hopefully Pence doesn’t bungle the job.