Virulent Christian Gamer Nick Fuentes Claims to Know the Identity of the Jew Who Got Him Banned from YouTube

Shmuley Ben Shekelheim
The Federalist
February 15, 2020

During his first broadcast since being banned from YouTube, which appeared on Dlive, virulent anti-Semite and Christian gamer Nick Fuentes said Friday night that he “knows the Jew” who got him banned from YouTube, and claimed this Jew is associated with Turning Point USA.

Fuentes was banned from the Google-owned video site for his virulent hate speech, which included both tropes and canards about the Jewish people, as well as a virulent Afro-Latino strand of pure white supremacy.

YouTube has stringent rules about the types of emotions you are allowed to express on their platform and they’re finally enforcing them.

“I know the name of the Jewish man who was responsible for this,” Fuentes said. “I’ve been told that I can’t say who it is, but I know exactly who’s responsible for this. I know that it’s a person connected with Turning Point USA, who has a big problem with me.”

“I know for a fact that it was driven by pressure from Conservative INC as a result of what we did at the end of 2019 with Groyper Wars, and Turning Point USA, and Charlie Kirk. I know it for a fact,” he informed the audience of nearly 10,000.

Experts believe that his source is correct, as we have seen little or no pressure from Antifa on Nick Fuentes, and Antifa is typically the ones who get people shut down.

“I can buy that it was T’Pusa,” said Andrew Anglin, an expert on people getting banned from the internet. Anglin pronounced the acronym for Turning Point USA (TPUSA) phonetically, calling it “Tuh-Poo-Zuh.”

However, others have claimed that Nick’s claim of Jewish culpability is a canard, a trope and a ruse.

“It is a virulent anti-Semitic canard that Jews get people banned from YouTube,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, leader of the Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli lobbying group.

“Anti-Semites spread the trope of the hook-nosed YouTube flagger, and the image is no different than the image of Jewish child murderers, bankers, landlords and blood-drinkers that we have seen historically in Germany, France, Russia, Britain, Poland, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Bavaria, Bulgaria, the Holy Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Arabia, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Guatemala, Ancient Alexandria, Ancient Rome and so many others,” Greenblatt said. “They all tell the same lies: that we drink blood, that we hate Christianity, that we engage in unethical business practices, that we undermine governments and that we get people banned from websites. These are old lies and they are always the same. It is a ruse to cover up their own insecurities.”

The ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt has emerged from the shadows to defend the Jewish people against claims that Jews censor the internet, calling for social media companies to ban people making this claim.

When asked what he thought of the banning, Greenblatt praised YouTube, saying, “this is great news, and a big step in the right direction, but YouTube hasn’t gone far enough. There are many more people who must be banned immediately if YouTube wishes to help fight rising hatred. We have seen rising attacks against Jews in New York, and our research shows that YouTube videos and tweets are responsible for this.”

An overweight YouTube Frenchman known as the “Retard Rammer,” who made his name on the internet scene when he became famous for trafficking retarded people for sex, has claimed credit for the ban on YouTube and Twitter, saying, “Nick Fuentes is gone from YouTube. Thanks to all the antifa volunteers who have contributed to our campaign.”

Many have praised the “Handicapped Humper” for his bravery in actively working to get people banned from the internet.

However, other people on the internet noted that the French “Gimp Grinder” would not have the capacity to organize a mass flagging event against a channel as large as Fuentes’ America First, while those resources are something that TPUSA would have. It was noted that the “Mongoloid Mangler” had received $25,000 in cash from Jeffrey Epstein before the latter’s most recent arrest, but researchers believe he spent all of that money on gifts for mentally retarded women.

Internet experts and people from 4chan believe that the “Spaz Smasher” is simply claiming credit for the banning in order to make people think he matters.

However, the “Derp Double-Dipper” has received a negative response to his claims of having had Fuentes banned, with many pointing out the fact that he trafficked a retarded woman for sex and the fact that his current girlfriend is a retard.

In response to these criticisms, the “Idiot Inseminator” laughed and had sex with a mentally retarded person.

Regardless of whoever was responsible for the flagging campaign that resulted in Nick Fuentes getting banned from YouTube, one thing is for certain: YouTube is a private company and they have a right to do whatever they want to anyone, including conspiring to silence people’s speech for political reasons.

Amazon’s stranglehold on America is what makes us the greatest country that ever existed.

Many people believe that more bans will be coming ahead of the election, as the very liberal Silicon Valley tech monopolies will try to change the outcome of the contest through mass censorship. But we have to allow them to do that, because monopolistic companies preventing individuals from freely expressing their opinions as a means to alter the outcome of elections is the foundation of our democracy. America is the greatest country on earth because we allow multinational corporations to operate with impunity, to use government resources and tax incentives to dominate entire sectors of the economy and then use that power to shape the nation in their own image, against the will of the people.

Unlike the “Downy Dicker,” prominent Jewish libertarian Ben Shapiro morally defended Fuentes, as we all should. Because it is mean for YouTube to ban people, and it is mean for tech companies to collude to restrict information in order to change the outcome of national elections.

However, in democracy, multinational corporations have a right to be mean to people. They have a right to do anything they want to you, because they’re not the government. The Constitution only prevents the government from taking away your right to free speech. It says nothing about Google, Facebook or Twitter taking away your right to free speech.

In fact, if Google wants to, they can quarter soldiers in your home, because they’re not the government. And the Constitution only says that the government can’t quarter soldiers in your home. It might not be nice for Google to storm into your house and force you at gunpoint to allow members of their private army to sleep in your bed, but that’s their right. Because that’s freedom. It’s what makes us the greatest nation ever before in all of the entire galaxy.

You might not like it, but this is what peak freedom looks like. If we were to change any element of this, we would end up like Venezuela, begging for toilet paper.

Next time you start thinking you should have “First Amendment rights,” remember this scathingly articulate political cartoon that demonstrates just what happens if you try to regulate multinational corporations in any way at all.