Virginia Mother Successful in Getting Two Pervert Books Removed from High School Library

Another clip of a parent freaking out on a school board has gone viral.

A mother in Fairfax, Virginia heard about certain perverse books being available in high school libraries, and checked them out from her kid’s high school library and read them. Specifically, “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe and “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison. During a school board meeting, she asked the board about these books and read passages from them.

It was pretty based and there was literally a Jew woman demanding it be shut down.

Here’s the part she read from Lawn Boy:

“What if I told you I touched another guy’s dick?” I said.

“Pff.” Nick waved me off and turned his attention back to his beer.

“What if I told you I sucked it?”

“Will you please just shut up already?”

“I’m dead serious, Nick.”

“Well, I’d say you were a fag.”

“I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goble’s dick in my mouth.”

“The real-estate guy?”


Nick looked around frantically. “What the fuck are you talking about, Michael?”

“I was in fourth grade. It was no big deal.”

Cringing, Nick held his hands out in front of him in a yield gesture. “Stop.”

“He sucked mine, too.”

“Stop! Why are you telling me this?”

“And you know what?” I said. “It wasn’t terrible.”

Here’s the Wikipedia description of the book:

Lawn Boy was published in the spring of 2018, receiving starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal. The New York Times Book Review called Lawn Boy’s protagonist, Mike Munoz, “a Holden Caulfield for a new millineum,” and stated: “Evison’s subject matter and wit is a welcome departure from self-conscious MFA trust funded prose.” School Library Journal called Lawn Boy “Eminently readable and deeply thought-provoking, Evison’s deceptively simple novel takes on tough issues such as race, sexual identity, and the crushing weight of American capitalism.” The Washington Post said “Evison takes a battering ram to stereotypes about race and class,” and called the book “an effervescent novel of hope that can enlighten everyone.”

I literally lolled out loud at “crushing weight of American capitalism.”

The other book, Gender Queer, is a comic book and apparently includes depictions of men having sex with boys.

I can’t find those images online, but this is what the art in the book looks like:

The author is a reverse tranny – an f-to-m “trans man” – or whatever you call a female who injects testosterone and cuts her hair and pretends to be a boy.

This is actually happening on a wide scale now. I’ve written about it a lot before. You’ll have to find the articles. I can’t find the articles and I can’t find anyone to keep track for me. But basically, feminism is women pretending to be men and denying the only positive aspect of womanhood, which is classic submissive femininity and motherhood. A modern woman in university or the workplace is just a dumb, lazy, solipsistic imitation of a man. So it’s not surprising young girls would be led to believe they should “literally become men” through the magic of science.

And of course, Jews are encouraging this, because they encourage any evil thing and also because these hormones often sterilize young girls. And it is only white girls that are going to do this. Black girls be like “yo I been is tried to get dat dick.” Black females already have high testosterone and therefore a more animalistic understanding of sexuality.

In the biggest win for the conservative movement since 2016, the school released a statement saying the two books would be removed from the library.

I am reminded of the fact that in 9th grade, I was assigned Brett Easton Ellis’ “Less Than Zero.” This was 1998 or so. Characters in that book kidnap a 12-year-old Mexican girl and tie her to a bed and rape her for weeks, before I think killing her. This was a haunting image at that age, and I sort of resent the (female) teacher who assigned the book. But it’s also not a huge deal.

So I mean, the issue of vulgarity in books and removing books from schools because of vulgarity – this is just outrage porn, actually. The problem isn’t vulgarity available in books at the school library. The issue is the school actually teaching homosexuality as policy. These books are part of a program to indoctrinate children into homosexuality. Making the issue about the vulgarity misses the entire point. Less Than Zero wasn’t a propaganda book designed to indoctrinate children into kidnapping Mexican girls and using them as sex slaves, and I doubt that most of the material in public schools promoting homosexuality to children actually contain graphic sexual content.

Removing two books that tell fourth grade boys to have sex with grown men sounds like a lot bigger win than it actually is, and worse, it gives the illusion that you can fight back against this. You can’t fight back against this. Not in a city school board. Those school boards are always going to be controlled by Jew women, and they will beat you, no matter what.

Two books were removed. Christ have mercy on me for linking Ben Shapiro’s website, but the Daily Wire collected a list of homosexual propaganda books in the American curriculum recommended by the Young Adult Library Services division of the American Library Association (YALSA), which does not appear exhaustive.

Flamer: “Aiden spends a last summer at scout camp before high school, which he dreads. He had a terrible middle school experience. He’s bi-racial and gay (though he can’t admit it yet) and doesn’t know where he fits in or how to be himself in a world that actively mocks both of those things.”

Surviving The City: “Dez finally reveals her identity as a Two-Spirit person. The four students convince Geraldine that the old protocols are exclusionary and antithetical to Mino Bimaadiziwin or ‘the good life,’ and Riel’s Auntie Alex is invited to share about Two-Spirit teachings. Afterward, everyone, no matter their gender or sexuality, is welcomed back into the circle.”

I’m A Wild Seed: “De La Cruz talks about how she discovers her sexuality and what it means to be a woman of color. She also reflects on the racial and sexual oppression that she and others face in American society.”

Heartstopper: “Shy, openly gay Charlie is worried that rugby player Nick will end up being a bully, but the two strike up a friendship. As they grow closer, Charlie struggles with what he assumes is an unrequited crush, and Nick starts to question if his feelings for Charlie are romantic.”

These are not just available in the library, but actually being taught to kids. They also have classes now on how to become a tranny, how to use an anal dildo, and so on. You’re not going to win this fight, so fighting it is a waste of time. Some angry mother yelling about cocksucker books at the school is fun as viral internet content, but it isn’t meaningful.

You have to get your kids out of the city. In a rural school district, you can get on the school board, and you can remove all of this faggot stuff, because there are no Jews to fight you. In a city, you are literally behind enemy lines. We are living under a brutal Jew occupation.

The illusion of being able to fight this and protect kids in a city high school is dangerous and stupid.

The fact that this woman was wearing her slave muzzle while complaining about the anal books says all you need to know.