Lunatic Society: Virginia Pastor Stabbed During Bible Study

Your pastor getting stabbed in the church is simply part and parcel of living in a Black Lives Matter communist utopia.

NBC Washington:

Fairfax County’s police chief was injured Saturday while subduing a suspect who stabbed two people at a church in Chantilly, Virginia, police say.

The suspect drove an SUV right up to the front entrance of Grace Covenant Church at 4600 Brookfield Corporate Drive and ran inside before the alleged attack, police said.

A witness told News4 a man walked into a Bible study class at the church and stabbed the pastor leading the class.

Police Chief Ed Roessler, who was at the class, and another person intervened and disarmed the suspect, police said. They were injured during the scuffle, but are expected to be OK.

The two people stabbed suffered non-life threatening injuries, police said.

“We are in prayer for all the injured. We are grateful for the courage exhibited that prevented worse from happening,” Grace Covenant Pastor Brett Fuller said in a statement. “Lastly, we want to thank the broader community for their outpouring of concern and support in this time.”

Fuller told News4 the suspect was a member of the church, but said there was no indication before the attack that the man had an issue with anyone at the church.

If he’s a part of the church, this apparently wasn’t one of the standard communist attacks on Christianity we’ve been experiencing over the last weeks, but rather someone who has become unhinged as a result of this insane lockdown and the communist uprising.

Things are getting crazier out there. We are now living in a paranoid, lunatic society, and you’re going to really start feeling that.

As if you haven’t already.

We are all feeling it, and it is just going to keep getting worse.

The best any of us can do is just try our best not to get sucked up in the madness.

You know my view: eat healthy, stay fit, get outside in nature whenever you can, spend time with people who haven’t lost it yet, stay as far away as you can from women and feminine men who are likely to witch hunt you for remaining sane.

Because that is going to be the criteria moving forward – it’s not going to be “racism” witch hunts forever, as that is too complicated. They are just going to start witch hunting you for being sane. Not being hunched over with crazy eyes darting back and forth and scratching your neck compulsively will be defined as “fascism.”

Smiling, being calm and talking in a normal tone of voice will be looked at as a sign that you’re not to be trusted.

It’s going to be white women and feminine white men a lot more than blacks.

The blacks might come and kill you, but that is going to be somewhat exotic. Thousands of people, probably tens of thousands of people, will die by the hand of black mobs, but your everyday threat is going to be white people who have gone all in on the society of paranoia.

We need to begin to work out ways to deflect these people and to not send up red flags. Beyond simply avoiding them, which most people won’t be able to do, there has to be a better option than to simply pretend you are also insane. If you start pretending you’re insane in order to fit in with insane people, you are 80% of the way to your own psychotic breakdown.

I’m working through this strategy now, and I will get back to you.