Virginia Judge Rules White War Hero Statues MUST STAY UP!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2019

This was an unexpected ruling considering that we live in Clown World.

Really, really good news.


Monuments to Confederate generals like the ones that sparked protests in Charlottesville, Virginia are memorials to war veterans and as such are protected by state law and cannot be removed, a court has ruled.

For decades there have been calls throughout the US for removal of Confederate monuments, which some argue glorify the cause of white supremacy by honoring those who defended the institution of slavery during the American Civil War. Efforts to erase the controversial memorials in Charlottesville have intensified since hundreds of alleged white supremacists descended on the city in August 2017 to defend the Southern symbols from destruction, claiming they are part of the cultural heritage of the United States.

It is always good to be operating within the law and being the side that stands FOR the rule of law.

Which is now clearly the case.

The people who showed up to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee were defending America’s rich heritage against the unlawful Anarcho-Communist hordes that showed up to wreck shit illegally. 

Being the only people willing to stand up for the law is where we want to be. 

Everything that has been thrown at us has been unlawful, or at least against the spirit of the law. We’re the ones trying to force the politicians and the government to enforce the law and the Constitution, nothing more and nothing else.

Our problems stem from the fact that the government refuses to enforce the law or enforces the law selectively against White people.

That means that they are de facto abdicating their authority.

Because America is based on one thing and one thing only:




Inhabitants of the United States:

In case you have forgotten, this country operates under the laws of the US Constitution.

Antifa is NOT the law.

We are The Law.

Antifa and the Deep State are common criminals.

Guilty of murder.

Guilty of treason.

And, as of now, under sentence of death.

Anyone who obstructs us in carrying out our duty will be treated as an accessory to Antifa’s crimes.

You have been warned.

And as for you, Antifa…


This ruling will no doubt provoke a reaction from Antifa.

They’ll flaunt their disregard for the law and no doubt start targeting statues again.

A tactic that has proven disastrous for their PR and for the PR of the government – which has allowed them to do whatever they want. If they want to accelerate things, then I say let them.

Americans will begin looking elsewhere for justice.