Virginia Democrat Cucks for White Vote – Promises to Outlaw Sanctuary Cities

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2017

Both Ed Gillespie (R) and Ralph Northam (D) are sellouts and traitors, but rising white consciousness is forcing them to cuck – for the white vote!

GOP Governorship contender Gillespie has always been a turd, but this wind cock’s advisers have gotten him to amp up his anti-immigration rhetoric in order to get Virginia whites out to the voting booth.

On the other hand, Northam and his backers have tried to tap the “coalition of the ascendant,” or mindless black and brown voting blocs in layman terms. The polls show that this probably won’t work.

This third world style strategy hit a hilarious high-note with an ad portraying an Ed Gillespie voter running over brown children in his Confederate flag adorned pick up truck!

This was in response to Gillespie ads addressing the growing problem of MS-13 in Virginia. The Democratic party thinks it wise to run interference for a street gang.

The problem is whites are still the majority. The reason minority blocs gave Obama commanding victories is that he was black and was running against John McCain and Mitt Romney, so whites had nobody to vote for (I would argue even Obama was better on some issues than those two). McCain and Romney have voiced their support for Antifa more vocally than Obama!

Obama maximizing minority turnout was a product of his skin color and no white Democrat will ever recreate his results ever again. This is all too funny to watch.

The Hill:

Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D) surprise decision Wednesday to say that he’d sign a bill outlawing so-called sanctuary cities has triggered outrage from some Democrats, who fear Northam is fumbling Tuesday’s must-win race.

Democracy for America (DFA) announced that it’s pulling “direct aid” for Northam following his sanctuary city comments, although the group never officially endorsed his campaign. The progressive group called his campaign “racist,” accusing Northam’s camp of prioritizing swing voters over the party base.

Sanctuary cities don’t exist in Virginia, but they’ve been a dominant theme in the governor’s race thanks to attacks from Republican Ed Gillespie.

Republicans seized on Northam’s latest comments, characterizing them as a flip-flop. Northam voted against a similar bill in the state legislature, but he’s called that bill a “political game” and argued that he hasn’t changed his position on sanctuary cities and has been clear about his opposition. Northam said in a recent interview that he’d sign a bill banning sanctuary cities “if that bill comes to my desk.”

In a tight off-year election where turnout is unpredictable, some Democrats vented frustration about the progressive group’s decision to go public five days before the critical race. Northam, who has accused Gillespie of a “fear mongering” campaign, once had a larger edge in a state that President Trump lost by 5 points in 2016. Now Democrats are worried about their prospects in what has become the only competitive statewide race of the year.

DFA defended its decision, saying the group had already ceased collecting data on Northam after news broke that his running mate, Justin Fairfax, was left off of campaign literature by the request of a union that hadn’t endorsed him.

“The reason why we’re standing up now is because we’ve been seeing this pattern of strategy by the Northam campaign to alienate the base, while trying to go over these mythological, swing-able Republican voters,” Charles Chamberlain, DFA’s executive director, told The Hill in a Friday interview.

The J-left “progressives” have a point here. Northam’s last ditch effort to swing white votes with insincere policy flip-flops like this will only hurt his chances. The Democrats under (((Schumer))) and Pelosi have drawn the line and marketed themselves as the kill-all-white-people-party, it’s too late to apologize!

All this Democrat is doing is opening himself up to calls of “racism” by his “base” for not signaling intent to protect MS-13 members from deportation.

Imagine that, politicians cucking for the white vote. That goes to show you what we already knew: the idea that it’s impossible to win an election by appealing to whites is nothing but Jewish fiction.

Next tuesday may prove this, and in a state Donald Trump lost!