VIRGIN Spain BTFO’d by CHAD SALVINI: “Spain Favors Mass Immigration; We Care About the People of Europe”

Luis Castillo (adapted from original by Fernando Guerra)
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2018

If you live in the United States, and you have consumed half an hour of news since 2016, you’ve probably gotten used to the sound of these things.

These “dog whistles.”

It’s like getting 20% of the red pill, cut down with 80% corn starch or whatever.

You know what I’m talking about – just a little bit of “we made civilization, these people didn’t, we have the neanderthal blood (pre-iceage master race, huge craniums, built pyramids, lost to great flood, plausible story) and these people don’t” but watered down with funny memes or whatever to make it not overly shocking to your latent normie conditioning.

Almonds: activated.

It’s enough to get you out of bed and out to a voting booth. In the great scheme of things, it’s not a bad place to be. If you’re not in the USA, Italy, Russia, Austro-Hungary, Poland or Greece, you get nothing.

mfw i didn’t vote in midterms and got nothing

but a little bit of Truth just leaves you wanting more. Once you’ve ravenously consumed all the watered down stuff, you are left knowing, deep down inside, that there’s something… stronger, just waiting for you to go get it.

But, you can’t get it…

Until you can get it.

RaiNews: (Italian)

“Salvini makes his policies not only at the expense of Spain, but of all of Europe, with his politics of isolation which undermine the European idea.” according to the Foreign Minister of Spain, Borrell, in an interview about the migrant question which he gave to an online German newspaper.

Oh, burn.

Salvini just got served by this oily-faced faggot.

Josep Borrell, the spic version of confirmed faggot Lindsey Graham

What’s he gotta do now, huh?

The reply was not delayed. “We do not respond to insults from governments and ministers that favor an out-of-control immigration,” affirmed Salvini. “We care about the security, culture and identity of the European people.”

And, just like that, zero [0] fucks were given.

He has literally not even one single fuck to give about mewling shekel-whore race traitors who want to convince you that “man, caring about things is so uncool, just relax and embrace your own genocide, man.”

No, Salvini will not relax.

Real men care about themselves. By extension, they care about their blood, their children, and their people.

What they don’t care about are estrogen-skinned race traitor queers.

So here’s your redpill, at 80%:

Men care about the future, because the future is coming.

Rome will rise again.

Here’s the redpill at 100%:

God wills it.