Violent Clashes Break Out Before Richard Spencer’s Scheduled Speech at Michigan State University

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2018

Suit wearing chad Greg Conte attempts to keep the peace as violent rabble run amok!

Richard Spencer was at Michigan State University yesterday giving another one of his college speeches. This has always been Spencer’s most effective platform, primarily because it creates a spectacle and generates lots of media coverage. It’s quite a remarkable thing to see that his speeches draw so much attention. Spencer is merely advocating that Whites should have their own homelands. In a sane world, this would not be a controversial political stance.

Generally speaking, Spencer’s speaking engagements attract anti-fascists and Communists who violently attack his supporters. This event was no exception. Police ended up arresting over 20 people as a result of the clashes that occurred outside the venue.

Fox News:

More than 100 protestors with masks and signs clashed with scores of police in riot gear armed with pepper spray Monday outside Michigan State University, where avowed white nationalist Richard Spencer planned to speak, postponing the address until later in the afternoon over safety concerns.

MSU Police Captain Doug Monette confirmed to Fox News that 24 people were arrested in the parking lot of the school’s agriculture and livestock education pavilion, where Spencer was scheduled to speak.

Here’s some clips from the local news stations covering the event.

Greg Conte, a key ally of Spencer who was recently doxed, was shown being detained by police. It’s odd that police would choose to detain a well-dressed man like Conte simply for exercising his Constitutional rights. Especially considering that we have footage showing all sorts of thugs and undesirable rabble around him engaging in violent chicanery.

The fact that they viewed Conte as some sort of threat implies either very poor judgment or “stupid like a fox” tactical strategy on the part of the police. It’s not like the police are allowed to detain someone because they think they’re a racist. Unfortunately, it appears as if that exact thing happened here.

Police unjustly detained Greg Conte for exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

It’s obvious that the anti-fascists and Communists showed up to try and violently shut down free speech. They are against free speech because their political ideology doesn’t hold up on a level playing field. Their politics are based on emotion instead of facts and logic. If you have a free exchange of ideas, it becomes obvious that their political views are insane and don’t coincide with reality. It’s the exact same reason why we are seeing a major push to shut down free speech on social media platforms.

Despite all the chaos outside the venue, Spencer was able to finally deliver his speech – and it ended up going over better than a lot of previous events!

Here’s the periscope stream of it split up into two parts.

The Battle for the Planet of the Richard Spencers continues!

Hail Victory!