Vindicated: Donald Trump was Wiretapped by Barack Obama

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2017

Trump: he always delivers. He’s the friggin deliveryman President.

It’s all happening, exactly as we knew it would.

The truth about the wiretapping of Trump Tower is coming to light.

Trump told us during the Tucker Carlson interview – ten days ago, on the 13th of March – that things would be coming out in the next couple weeks.

Congressional Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes has briefed Trump on what they are calling “incidental collection.” But it isn’t “incidental.” “Incidental collection” is simply the technical term for the process of collection. The intelligence community was preparing reports which were presented to Obama.

He gave quite the press conference.

Double press conferences, in fact.

(They’re pretty similar, if you don’t want to watch both.)

He explained that he had a duty to tell the President what he’d found. He says it is concerning and should concern the President.

He said what he’s found goes beyond what happened to Flynn, and has nothing to do with Russia.

He said the NSA is being cooperative, but the FBI is not.

He said the surveillance “may have been legal” but probably wasn’t “right” and will concern the American people.

He said that recordings of the Trump Team were put into dozens of intelligence reports which Barack Obama was briefed on.

He said he cannot rule out that high-level Obama officials were involved in ordering the reports.

He pretty much said the now-infamous Trump tweets were exactly correct.

Adam Schiff, Nunes’ co-chair (technically the ranking minority member, but effectively the co-chair) on the Congressional Intelligence Committee, has flipped his yid lid, saying that it violates the investigation violates protocol.

As the old proverb goes, “the Jewish intelligence committee head cries out in pain as he spies on you.”

He gave a counter-press conference against his co-chair, basically calling for his resignation.

The Jew Schiff said very little to nothing about anything in his talk. Just “protocol protocol protocol – it impedes the investigation.”

Even though Nunes made it clear this has nothing to do with Russia.

He even admitted that no classified information was released by Nunes.

But he basically says “the committee is now doomed forever because of this.”

His solution is to get an independent investigation established.

He even went so far as to accuse Nunes as being part of the vast Donald Trump conspiracy.

Basically, one of these two men is going down over this. I don’t really trust Nunes all that much more than I trust Schiff, but he was given these intelligence reports (we still don’t know by who) proving the President’s wiretap claims and was forced to act to save his own ass.

You know who’s not saving their own ass is James Comey. He looks to be doomed. When this thing comes undone, it’s very likely going to show that he lied. Mike Rogers may also have himself an issue. Although Nunes seemed to indicate that it could well have been the NSA that gave him Obama’s Trump reports.

All of these organizations are required to submit explanations of this stuff on Friday and that is when the EXPLOSION will happen.

The thing here is: the same people/Jews who lied about the Obama wiretap and covered it up and the ones behind pushing the Russian conspiracy.

That is the brilliance of this.

No one is going to have any faith in the intelligence community after they lied about this. Everyone will realize they’re lying about the Russian conspiracy as well.

I knew Trump had a plan.

Tapper Taps Out…!

Nunes last night went on Jake Tapper, and spilled further beans.

In this clip, he was even more serious than in the press conference. This is hardcore. He looks very worried. Literally sweating. He knows he’s in between a rock and a hard place. But when it comes to Jews and Trump, Trump is THE ROCK.

He says the Obama team was “widely circulating” spy reports on the Trump team – and all of it took place AFTER THE ELECTION.

That’s when they were trying to make it so Trump couldn’t be inaugurated, fam. This is a massive conspiracy.

The Jew Tapper, who has been at the forefront of lying to the American people about the Trump wiretap, just about lost his shit completely.

Cummings Undone

This morning, Negroid Chieftan Elijah Cummings went on with Cuomo and called for Nunes to be investigated…!

These people are falling apart.

They are lashing out.

Everything is happening now.


It’s all real.

I said when Trump tweeted this that he was going to wait for it to come out, while allowing everyone in the government and media call him a liar.

I wrote on March 4th:

This is real.

I’m sure it’s real.

And I’m sure he’s known it for a while. He comes out with it as it was needed.

This is going to be big. He’s got proof. But he’s not going to come right out with it. He’s doing the old rope-a-dope on the dopey kike media.

They’re going to claim he’s lying, he’s insane, he’s off the rails – then he’s going to drop the bomb.

This was all timed exactly perfectly.

They went insane over the tweets, calling the President every name in the book, and now he is justified and vindicated. And we don’t right now have any idea how bad this is going to be. Obama could well be looking at criminal charges.

Through this whole thing, Obama himself refused to come out and refute the claims by Trump. In fact, he’s not really appearing at all, presumably because he doesn’t want to get publicly confronted about this, and be on the record denying it.

President Trump was checking his phone during an interview with TIME Magazine yesterday when the story broke, and told them: “So this means I was right.”

Yes, Mr. President.

You were right.

I never lost faith, not even for a single second (nevermind that worried op-ed I wrote after the Comey/Rogers hearing, I was under a lot of stress :)).

Carry on, Mr. President.

This war has only just begun.

Hail Victory.