Vinay Gupta Tragically Confirms Many of the Stereotypes Racists Have About Brown People

Diversity Macht Frei
January 10, 2018

What are the stereotypes that “racists” have about brown people? That they are violent? Impulsive? That they put their tribal interests above any consideration of due process? That they nurture a narcissistic sense of victimhood in defiance of observable realities? That they have contempt for free speech, the basic prerequisite for any form of government that seeks to resolve differences by talking instead of fighting?  That they have a grandiose sense of their own importance in the great scheme of things?

In his embarrassing Twitter tirade, Vinay Gupta checks every one of these boxes. While railing against racism and the people who espouse it, he actually validates their point of view. This is the existential tragi-comedy of what it means to be brown, to bear the burden of brownness; a burden you know you can never escape from.

You may remember Vinay Gupta from before (“The Dangers of Brown Tech“). He has now pridefully adopted this term Brown Tech as a hashtag.

Gupta boasts of being involved in the founding of Ethereum and talks big as if he was the king daddy of this technology. But some knowledgeable people seem to believe he was more like the janitor than the progenitor.

No doubt Gupta used some advanced blockchain technology while he was cleaning the Ethereum toilets. #BrownTech

This obviously unstable person is still employed by Digital Catapult, part of a UK government initiative. It’s probably a waste of time to complain about his obvious racism and apparent inclinations towards mass murder, however, as the CEO is one (((Jeremy Silver))).

Indeed, it seems our friend Gupta is acquainted with more than a few members of the tribe.