Vile YouTube Kikess Plans to Put Warning Labels on all “Conspiracy Theory” Videos

Fash McQueen
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2018

Jew Tip: If you have a gigantic, fat Jew-ass and Jew-hips, make sure to wear a cropped jacket to accentuate it. It will redirect the revulsion away from your rat face.

The Jews are up to their typical tricks, telling the goyim what to think.


YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to “conspiracy theory” videos on the platform in an effort to combat alternative narratives, according to a report.

“YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that these text boxes, which the company is calling ‘information cues,’ would begin appearing on conspiracy-related videos within the next couple of weeks,” reported the Verge on Tuesday. “Wojcicki, who spoke Tuesday evening at a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, showed examples of information cues for videos about the moon landing and chemtrails.

The Jewish plan to label videos as “conspiracy theories” has absolutely nothing to do with “the moon landing and chemtrails.”

In fact, the Jews love pushing these kook-tier conspiracy theories because it gives them a big pile of crazy nonsense that they can lump other subjects in with.

And we all know what those subjects are:

  • The HoloHoax
  • Jews controlling our government, academia, media, and financial system
  • The 2000 year war that the Jews have waged on White Christian Civilization
  • Jews being the force behind every subversive movement designed to destroy the West – Communism, feminism, the faggot movement, etc.
  • Jews sacrificing White Christian children in Satanic rituals and using their blood to make demonic biscuits after they engage in an orgy of torture on the child

Think about that last one for a second.

There’s mountains of historical evidence that the Jews actually sacrifice children in Satanic rituals and make their weird crackers out of the child’s blood, but it’s easy to call it a “conspiracy-theory” because of how outlandishly evil it sounds.

There are plenty of artistic renderings of this evil Jewish practice going back for centuries.

This wasn’t just a running gag by master painters. Jews did this.

But a normal White person just naturally assumes that it must be a conspiracy theory, because the average human mind can’t comprehend that there’s a race of demons walking the Earth who are capable of such vile wickedness. It just can’t be true.

The extreme nature of Jewish evil helps the Jews hide the extreme nature of Jewish evil.

Breitbart continues:

“The information cues that Wojcicki demonstrated appeared directly below the video as a short block of text, with a link to Wikipedia for more information,” the Verge explained, noting that “Wikipedia — a crowdsourced encyclopedia written by volunteers — is an imperfect source of information, one which most college students are still forbidden from citing in their papers.” Wikipedia is also known to have a significant left-wing bias.

During the panel, Wojcicki declared, “When there are videos that are focused around something that’s a conspiracy — and we’re using a list of well-known internet conspiracies from Wikipedia — then we will show a companion unit of information from Wikipedia showing that here is information about the event.”

Everyone should know by now that, unless you’re looking up something to do with the hard-sciences, like mathematics, or the date of birth of some historical figure, Wikipedia is just another Jew-controlled propaganda outlet.

Jews in Israel hold seminars to show subversive kikes how to edit Wikipedia to push their Jew lies, and to cover-up their endless Jewish crimes against humanity.

I actually can’t believe that this video is still on YouTube. This is exactly the type of thing that the Jews want you to think is a conspiracy theory.

How are they planning to label this video?

“WARNING: Click on this Wikipedia link to read about the anti-semitic conspiracy theory represented in this video which clearly shows Israeli Jews admitting that they are engaged in a conspiracy to alter Wikipedia entries which we YouTube Jews are now linking you to.”

Yeah, they’ll probably just delete it.

But they can’t delete everything. Yet.

When Jews know that they can’t outright ban something, they have to use the trick of flooding you with Jew bullshit to try to tell you how to think about the something that they wish they could ban.

The Jews did this with the latest German edition of Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf – Kike Edition: Everything outside the red box is telling you to hate what’s inside the red box.

The perfidious Jews filled Mein Kampf with “notes” to remind you that you were reading the words of a crazed monster, and that you should consider everything as either pure evil or lies.

The Jews did the same thing with the Scofield Study Bible that they printed at the turn of the century.

Jews knew that they couldn’t ban or change the text of the Bible. So, they created a “study Bible” that contained even more notes than scripture.

The Jew notes contained Talmudically-twisted interpretations of Biblical passages to make the reader doubt their own lying eyes when they read passages that called the Jews the “Synagogue of Satan,” and that Jews are “of their father the Devil,” and that Jews are under the wrath of God.

The Jew-published, Scofield Study Bible is single-handedly responsible for launching the modern, dispensationalist cult of Judaized “Christianity.”

Of course, the YouTube videos that promote the craziest conspiracy theory of all time will never be tagged with a “conspiracy theory” label – that’s the conspiracy theory that claims exactly six million Jews were gassed in fake shower rooms, with glass windows and wooden doors, before they were turned into soap-shades and mattress-lamps by Josef Mengele. Or whatever.

Anyway, this “conspiracy-theory” labeling thing is just a stop-gap measure for the Jews.

Everything is getting banned.

Which is why we need our own reliable video platform. STAT.

Are you listening, Andrew Torba?