Vile Kikes Flooding Spain After EU Shills Offer Them Free Citizenship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2019

The more Jews your country has, the shittier it is, period.

That applies to all things imaginable, from banking and finances to the basic social order.

I am constantly shocked at how much more honest the British media is than the American media. And it isn’t that they have different agendas – far from it. It is simply that there are less Jews in Britain to run the spin machine, so they end up with a more honest media, simply because goyim are not really that good at lying to push an agenda, in general.

What Spain is doing is insane. They’re going to be the new France.


A deadline for Jews living outside Spain to request Spanish nationality has expired with 127,000 applications, most of them from Latin America.

Jews living in Mexico top the list, with about 20,000 requests, followed by Jews in Venezuela and Colombia.

In 2015, Spain passed a law to atone for the medieval expulsion of Sephardi Jews from the country.

In the 15th Century, Spain’s Catholic monarchs, having defeated the Muslim Moors, forced Jews to convert or leave.

Applicants have had to prove a family connection with medieval Spain – and in many cases, that proved difficult. In addition, they had to get their Sephardi origins certified by a solicitor in Spain.

In the Moorish kingdom of Al-Andalus, the Jewish community generally flourished, their religion was tolerated and Jewish scholars made a significant impact, spreading eastern knowledge to medieval Europe.


Moslems and Jews are friends, huh? And they allied with each other in a white country that had been invaded and conquered by them?

Ya don’t say.

Historians reckon there were about 200,000 Jews in Spain before their expulsion, which followed the Catholic conquest of Granada in 1492. Sephardi Jews settled mainly in North Africa, the Balkans, Turkey and, later, Latin America.

Jews who get Spanish nationality under the new law are not required to move to Spain. The naturalisation ceremony can be performed at a Spanish consulate in their home country.

Spanish media say there was a rush to submit applications just before the 30 September deadline; 67,000 were registered in September.

Why were all of these Jews expelled in the Middle Ages?

Was it really “for no reason whatsoever”?

Is that actually the explanation these people are running with?

Because if it was for any reason at all, then probably, that reason should be a part of the discussion when making a decision about letting them back in, should it not?

Is that not literally the most reasonable thing imaginable? 

What I will tell you is that this is possibly the only time in all of recorded history where a country other than Israel itself made a concerned effort to get MORE Jews.