Vile Jews Spray Paint Their Own Graves Yet Again in Final Anti-Trump Push

Jews are so absurd.

Firstly, this thing where they vandalize their own graveyards is absurd – everyone knows it’s you, Jews. Like, literally, everyone knows. The FBI is a bunch of Jew-lovers, and when they see this crap, do you think they do a real investigation? Of course they don’t. Jews have been vandalizing their own graves for decades.

Secondly, the idea that anyone is going to vote today and is going to be like “yeah, I was thinking Trump, but then I saw a MAGA attack on a Jew grave, so I’m going Biden” is totally dumb.

Washington Post:

This act of vandalism at Ahavas Israel Cemetery, discovered hours before President Trump arrived across town to stage his final rally of the campaign, has rattled the tightknit Jewish community in western Michigan’s largest city. The crime is being investigated by law enforcement officials, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Near the end of a bitter, divisive presidential campaign, the desecration marks yet another instance of political tensions apparently producing ugly and sometimes violent attacks. In Florida and the Berkshires, yard signs have been bulldozed and lit on fire. In Boston and Southern California, ballot drop-off boxes have burned to the ground. Across the country, dueling political rallies and protests have devolved into physical confrontations.

“Tensions are high, and everyone is on alert for all kinds of difficulties,” Carolyn Normandin, the ADL’s Michigan regional director, told The Washington Post. “But this in particular is heinous because it’s awful to know that somebody would disturb gravesites. It’s just not okay.”

While Normandin cautioned against labeling the incident as an act of anti-Semitism without more information, she called the incident “disgusting and vile.”

“It’s hard to know what is going on in the minds of anyone who would attack a gravesite,” she added. “It’s a personal attack on an individual who can’t do anything about it.”

The Ahavas Israel Cemetery, which belongs to a Conservative synagogue of the same name, sits in a leafy, residential part of Grand Rapids near Catholic, Lithuanian American and city-run graveyards. The 125-year-old Congregation Ahavas Israel is one of just a handful of synagogues in Grand Rapids, where the Jewish population totals about 1,000 people.

It has not been long since that community last faced a hateful attack. Last year, an extremist neo-Nazi group hung anti-Semitic posters on the outside of a nearby Reform synagogue, including one that read: “A crusade against Semite led subhumans.”

Nationally and statewide, reports of such attacks are also on the rise. More than 2,100 anti-Semitic incidents were reported to the ADL in 2019, up 12 percent from the previous year and setting a record since the organization began tracking the data four decades ago. Reports to the ADL of anti-Semitic incidents in Michigan doubled from 2018 to 2019, Normandin said.

Jews have repeatedly been caught doing these grave hoaxes themselves. Of course, Americans would never think to vandalize graves, even if they were going to do a “hate crime.” It’s some weird thing from like, Middle Ages pogroms in Eastern Europe. I don’t know if the Jews were hoaxing it back then, but it’s something they have in their minds, this “the goyim are smashing the gravestones,” so they do it constantly as a blood libel against White Christians. (Vandalizing graves is also something that the Jews themselves do to Christians.)

One time there was a major Jewish whining session and it turned out that the wind knocked the graves over.

How is it even possible that the ADL still exists after staging that prank calls hoax in 2017?

Do you remember this?

  • The ADL had a “hate speech laws” conference planned the weekend after the 2016 election. They thought Hillary was going to win and they could push through these laws.
  • It turned out Trump won, so they were just at this conference calling for these anti-speech laws they knew there was no possibility of getting passed under Trump.
  • All of a sudden, right on cue, every synagogue in the country started getting death threats. There were over 200 death threats to synagogues.
  • Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL was going completely insane, inexplicably blaming Trump for the calls.
  • I called it: I said that it was obvious that the Jews were doing the calls themselves.
  • I even explained my logic in detail: You would have to be smart to be able to make untraceable calls like this. Anyone that smart would understand that the calls help the Jews. Therefore, the person making the calls must be pro-Jew.
  • The second part was: Greenblatt is smart enough to figure that out – to know it was a Jew behind it. Greenblatt wouldn’t want to get egg on his face. Therefore, Greenblatt must have known the specific Jew doing it, known that he was at least unlikely to get caught. Most likely, Greenblatt himself would have contracted the person making the calls, as he was the one out there talking about it all the time.
  • The Jews attacked me with all of this “how dare you?” stuff after I accused them of making these calls against themselves.
  • Trump was bullied into giving a statement about how horrible these prank calls were.
  • A Jew in full Jew-costume attacked Trump at a press conference, asking him about these calls. Trump said: “It might be the reverse!”
  • Greenblatt and the Jew media went out and said “TRUMP PROMOTES DAILY STORMER CONSPIRACY THEORY ABOUT JEWS FAKING PRANK CALLS!!!!!1111”
  • The FBI went to Israel and found the people making the prank calls – an Israeli man and his teenaged son.
  • The story totally dropped out of the media.
  • The Jews never apologized.
  • The Jews continued to fake hate crimes against themselves, as you’re witnessing with this graveyard hoax.
  • The Israelis refused to extradite the Jew hoaxsters.
  • The only one charged in Israel was the son, and he was eventually declared “mentally ill” and let off with nothing.
  • Jonathan Greenblatt was never investigated for his potential connection to the hoax, despite the fact that he almost certainly had a connection – again, given that he must have known it was a hoax and he wouldn’t have promoted it if he didn’t have some assurances he wasn’t going to get caught.

There was no “goyim, I…” moment.

The Jews just kept on like nothing had happened.

The ADL kept the Israel prank calls in their “hate database” and the media continued to blame “anti-Semites” for them.

Even with the FBI refusing to investigate the ADL and Greenblatt for this, the whole thing was so completely ridiculous that in any real country, no one would ever take these claims of “hate crimes” by Jews seriously ever again.

But here we are.