Vile Jew Rat Michael Cohen Set to Hoax Congress Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2019

So now there’s this then.


President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen is expected to tell lawmakers this week about alleged criminal conduct Trump committed while in office, NBC News reported, citing a knowledgeable source.

Cohen starts a three-day gantlet of congressional appearances on Tuesday by giving a closed-door interview to the Senate Intelligence Committee. He is expected to detail what he claims to know about Trump’s contacts with Russia, hush payments made before the 2016 election and other sensitive matters.

Cohen is also expected to provide evidence of alleged criminal conduct by Trump since he became president, NBC News said. In addition to his testimony, Cohen will reveal information about Trump’s financial statements, according to NBC, citing a source who declined to be named.

The former Trump lawyer and fixer, who is slated to report to federal prison May 6, will also testify in a closed-door hearing with the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday. The main event of the week will happen Wednesday, however, as Cohen is scheduled to testify in public before the House Oversight Committee.

I’ll tell you what: there are so many friggin Jews involved in this Trump collapse that explaining to our fellow goyim that Jews were responsible when this whole thing collapses is going to be easy peasy.

Of course the boomer will never get it, because their brains are all rotted from eating paint chips.

There you have it – these people are actually mentally handicapped.

That’s why they can’t grasp basic Sesame Street “one of these things is not like the other” logic when it comes to Jews.

Even niggers can understand this shit.

But try to explain it to a boomer, and they go into a complete fluster and start threatening you with violence.

You literally cannot have a normal, coherent conversation with a boomer. They will always resort to programmed slogans.

Seriously, go to a Facebook Sean Hannity page and just look at these people.

It is inexplicable.

Point being: don’t take them as a measuring stick on this.

The overwhelming majority of whites in America who are not boomers are going to see the collapse of Trump as something self-evident.

It is all fucking Jews.

Michael Cohen, testifying against Trump.

David Pecker, testifying against Trump.

Allen Weisselberg, testifying against Trump.

Rod Rosenstein, launched the Mueller hoaxvestigation into a Russian kookspiracy.

And worst of all, Jared Kushner, pushing the Trump White House into liberal Democrat policies.

Then you connect this to the fact that the entire media which fought Trump to the end is Jewish…

And BAM.

Any Trump supporter who is not a boomer is going to process that.

Because Trump is going down. Whatever happens, he can’t really get out of the trap that was set and which he walked into.

Instead of attacking him over being one guy who attempted to take down an entrenched, century old system of global control – and getting absolutely nothing for attacking him – people need to start thinking of how to spin this in a way that benefits us.

And the way to do that is to blame Trump’s downfall on the people responsible: THE JEWS.