Vile Drug-Taking Non-White Pervert Jailed for Images of Child Abuse

July 26, 2014

Is it a Negro, is it an Arab, is it a Pakistani, is it a Mulatto, no, its Mystery Meat. Twisted pervert Eliott Diffley has been found guilty of possessing images of child abuse.

A pervert has been jailed after a USB stick loaded with child porn images dropped from his bum as police carried out a body search at a north London police station.

Eliott Diffley, 24, claimed he stole the data device from an internet café in Islington but detectives discovered he had been looking for child porn when they checked his online search history.

Officers originally approached him in October last year after they suspected he was smoking cannabis on Pankhurst Road, Islington.

Despite searching him, they failed to find any drugs. But he was arrested for handling stolen goods after he was found with a mobile phone that had been reported as lost.

The USB stick, which they later discovered had not been reported as stolen, was found after they took him to a police station for questioning.

His home was searched and a large quantity of items were seized, Scotland Yard said.

Diffley, of Leighton Road, Kentish Town, pleaded guilty to 18 counts of possessing indecent images of children at Blackfriars Crown Court today.

He was jailed for 12 months and put on the sex offenders register.

Blackfriars Crown Court jailed the pervert for 12 months and put him on the sex offenders register.

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