Vile Cunt Tomi Lahren Blames All Men for Her Problems

“If all of these women including myself are having issues, then I have to think: it might not be us. It might be you. It might be men. It might be men. Now, I have often talked about the pussification of America, and how men are no longer men. I talked to my mom about this and she says, ‘well maybe it’s just the guys in Texas, maybe it’s just the guys in Los Angeles … it is not just the guys in Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, and they’re not any better in the Midwest. Quite frankly, I think they’re trash all over this country, in the age range from about 20 to I think about 55 or maybe even 60. A lot of men are trash, a lot of men don’t know how to treat women, don’t know, quite frankly, how to pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention, so I am going to help you. ” -Tomi Lahren, 2020, staying classy live from the lockdown on her slut cam

What exactly is the difference between “right-wing women” and normal women?

Well, probably, right-wing women are much worse. They’re engaged in politics, which is unnatural for women. A woman who is nominally left-wing – i.e., she just goes along with the establishment in total – is going to be unlikely to be as aggressively unhinged as a right-wing woman who thinks she knows something about whatever.

This recent video clip of right-wing pundit Tomi Lahren going on a rant about how all men are responsible for all of her problems is exhibit A. Theoretically, a normal woman would not outright say “all men are the problem,” as she would think that was too bitchy and bold, and she would be worried about people calling her a “vile cunt.” However, a right-wing woman thinks that she knows something, so she thinks that people calling her a “vile cunt” means that she’s winning.

The reality: women are not political. All they care about is themselves, so they cannot ever care about politics beyond how it affects them, or how it makes them feel. None of it has anything to do with processing information.

Ultimately, what makes them feel good is being a part of the group that has power, and enforcing the rules of the group. So, if she is a normal woman, involved in normal woman things such as university or a public workplace, she’s naturally going to be nominally Democrat. If instead she is surrounded by right-wingers, because her family is that way, she will be a Republican. That is, unless she wants to take a stand against her family in order to show strangers how good and moral she is due to something she’s seen on Facebook, in which case, she will turn against her family, attack them, and then post video of the event on TikTok.

Most of them are all deleted now (apparently, this was a bad look), but here’s one that still has a mirror up on YouTube:

The exception to all of the above is the right-wing pundit female (either as an e-celeb or a Tomi type real TV celeb), who realizes that with average looks, she can become famous in the right-wing, because the right-wing has absolutely no standards and thinks that some bitch with titties and “lunatic blonde” psycho hair saying their talking points is going to make black people vote for them (or make other women vote for them? Honestly, I don’t actually even understand the reasoning. I guess it probably brings clicks? Possibly).

The right-wing has a very high male-to-female ratio, so the bitch can be a queen. Kind of a “better to rule in hell” type deal. It’s the same thing as bitches who show up at Star Trek conventions.

As a right-wing media personality, all she is going to do is repeat things that she heard men say, except dumber. Like when a woman tries to make a joke. Once that bitch gets involved in this, she will get all high and mighty on her own supply and start acting like she knows something. Then she’ll come at you with some ultra-cunt bullshit like, “all my problems are the fault of all men.”

I’ve responded to this clip by sending Tomi Lahren a picture of my dick on WhatsApp. She gave me her WhatsApp number in an email when she told me, “I just want to get your opinions on things,” i.e., “I want to milk you for hot takes I can pretend are my own like I do with the 170 other notable male right-wing pundits I gave my phone number to.”

So far, what she has gotten from me is this:

  • A 7-minute audio clip of me drunk, talking about the movie “Bloodshot” starring Vin Diesel
  • 4 pictures of me with my shirt off, flexing
  • A POV video clip of me shooting street junkies with a super-soaker
  • 8 pictures of my dick, plus the most recent one
  • 7 links to fight videos on WorldStarHipHop

She hasn’t responded to any of these messages, but so far she’s looked at all of them and has not blocked me.


Here’s the full video from her Facebook page, if you’re interested in watching 15 minutes of some bimbo nagging you.

PSA for Boyish Men

Someone had to say it.

Gepostet von Tomi Lahren am Dienstag, 4. August 2020

By the way, if you get off at that, and you masturbate to this video, you are extremely sick and you need to forgive your mother.

This is the frame she opens with:

Seriously, that is the face you see for the first four seconds of the video.

I will say that the one trad thing she does do is imply she dates men in their 5os. Although to be honest, I think basically all women in their twenties want to do that (as long as they can go out once a month and have sex with a random black guy) and are just held back by fear of social stigma, which, as explained above, she doesn’t really seem to be worried about because she thinks she knows something.

Also, I just wanted to say: I know we’ve been going easy on people because of the lockdown, and I don’t want to make it seem like I’m not doing that with her here, so whatever – consider this article pure humor, dismiss the whole thing as Lockdown Derangement Syndrome (LDS). I’ll give that to her, just as long as she apologizes for it when the lockdown ends and her full faculties are restored.