Vile Cherokee Cunt Warren Drops Out, Doesn’t Endorse Bernie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

“Chief Moneybags” Liz Warren is a rip-off Indian who ripped off Bernie Sanders’ platform.

“Chief Moneybags” Liz Warren built her entire image on ripping off Bernie Sanders. She was the pretend Bernie Sanders. A complete fake.

The Pepsi to his Coke.

The Cardi B to his Nikki Minaj.

The Battletoads to his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Knie to his Nike.

And now that she fell apart after having built a career on his back, she’s not going to endorse him.

Because maybe she’ll get a place in the Joe Biden administration if she doesn’t endorse him, and she doesn’t believe he can win.

New York Times:

Senator Elizabeth Warren entered the 2020 race with expansive plans to use the federal government to remake American society, pressing to strip power and wealth from a moneyed class that she saw as fundamentally corrupting the country’s economic and political order.

She exited the race on Thursday after her avalanche of progressive policy proposals, which briefly elevated her to front-runner status last fall, failed to attract a broader political coalition in a Democratic Party increasingly, if not singularly, focused on defeating President Trump.

Her departure means that a Democratic field that began as the most diverse in American history — and included six women — is now essentially down to two white men: former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders.

From the start, Ms. Warren said that she had been told there were only two true lanes in the 2020 contest: a liberal one dominated by Mr. Sanders, 78, and a moderate one led by Mr. Biden, 77.

“I thought that wasn’t right,” Ms. Warren said in front of her house in Cambridge as she suspended her campaign, “But evidently I was wrong.”

Though her vision energized many progressives — the unlikely chant of “big, structural change” rang out at her rallies — it did not find a wide enough audience among the party’s working-class and diverse base. Now her potential endorsement is highly sought, and both Mr. Sanders and Mr. Biden have spoken with her in the days since Super Tuesday losses sealed her political fate, though she revealed precious little of her intentions on Thursday.

“I need some space around this,” she said.

In her call with Mr. Biden, Ms. Warren revealed little of her endorsement plans. “She has a great poker face,” one person who was familiar with the call said.

Yeah, I’m sure she does have a great poker face, being a member of a race of slot machine operators.

And I’m sure she can say “I just need some space,” because even though we are supposed to believe women are somehow equal to men, we are also supposed to believe they have all of these old-fashioned female privileges, which involve a right to be emotionally unstable.

I think the bitch put on her big-boy pants and entered into presidential politics, so she has a duty to behave like the man she was pretending to be and make an endorsement upon dropping out of the race.

Given that the stupid bitch pretended to be “Bernie Lite” this whole time, and said she was going to fight the establishment just like Bernie, one would hope she would endorse Bernie, rather than the horrible shill Biden who represents the establishment she railed against.

But of course, women do not have any actual beliefs or values, and are simply fake human beings, which only exist to suck the life out of men in any way possible. And there isn’t much life to suck out of Bernie.

So I can pretty well guarantee that the parasitical prune will endorse Biden in the hopes that if he somehow wins, she’ll get a cabinet position. However, she is apparently too much of a spineless whelp to even shill honestly, and is thus going to shuffle around for a bit, waiting for Biden to offer her a position in exchange for an endorsement.

She probably wants to be Secretary of State.

Of course, everyone knows that Biden is going to lose to Trump, so even an opportunist would rather keep their legacy as a “progressive” than sellout in this case. But Chief Moneybags is not a human, she is a woman.

It is just so farcical that we have women in politics in an ostensibly advanced country.

The only woman that should be in our politics is neeko, and the only thing she should be doing is shaking around her tits and fake-singing songs in support of Bernie Sanders to bring us all joy.

All of these other whores should literally just die.

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