Viktor Orbán and the Dune Strategy

Morgoth’s Review
March 16, 2016


The Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, recently announced the issue of Hungary accepting ”refugees” would be finally settled by putting it to the Hungarian people via a referendum. The question will be :

“Do you want the European Union to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary even without the consent of Parliament?”

Orban has explained his reasons:

“Hungary is under enormous pressure,” he said, “[over] whether or not the EU will succeed in pushing a new EU asylum and migrant system down the throats of the central European countries, including ours. Such a system would authorise [the EU] to distribute migrants among the other EU countries, including those which have not taken in migrants, do not want to, are opposed to this and do not want any part in it.”

“The government is responding to public sentiment now, we think that introducing resettlement quotas for migrants without the backing of the people equals an abuse of power,” he said, adding that quotas would redraw the ethnic, cultural and religious map of Hungary and Europe.

It’s rather surprising (or perhaps not?) that the Hungarian referendum has received relatively scant media coverage because the implications for the Nationalist vs Globalist (for the sake of brevity I’ll refer to the various tentacles of the EU, traitor politicians, organized Jewry, finance, bureaucrats and The Left, collectively as Globalism)war are quite profound. For the first time a European people will actually be able to decide whether they want their country to become multi-ethnic or not, and even Globalist media outlet The Economist admits the answer will be ”Not!”.

The Globalist machine rolls across the White world replacing populations, deconstructing ancient identities, tearing down traditions, enslaving Nations with debt while dismantling the very idea of those Nations, it seems unstoppable, its destruction is unrelenting. And yet here we have one small country in Eastern Europe which is, literally, going to stand up and say ”No!”.

The question is, how will the Globalist New World Order react?


((Peter Sutherland)), anti-white Globalist.

In Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi epic ”Dune” the leader of the religious and nationalist rebellion against an intergalactic empire, Paul Atreides, aims to smash the production of ”Spice” which can only be found on Dune and is the most lucrative resource in the universe. The emperor then has two choices, he can simply do nothing and allow the natives to retake control of their world and the spice, but this would drastically weaken the empire and set a precedent with more worlds looking to break free. His other option, the one he ultimately chooses, is to invade Dune with everything he has at his disposal. The risk with this strategy is that he isn’t guaranteed victory, the natives are more numerous than he knows and will be united in the event of an invasion. Furthermore invading Dune throws out any semblance of moral authority which the empire still has, it would reveal the empire as a corrupt and venal force of evil and conquest.

This is the kind of quagmire Victor Orban may well be creating for the Globalists.

Like the empire in Dune the Globalists are confronted with a problem in the event of a Hungarian ”No”. They can do nothing, simply allow one European people to remain who and what they are in their land, but that sets a dangerous precedent, if Hungarians can simply vote to remain an ethnically homogeneous country and be free of the horrors of diversity, then why can’t Norwegians? Or Belgians? Or Dutch? Or Irish? Or Germans?. Why weren’t any other European people asked? Indeed, what is the ethical and moral foundation of the multi-ethnic state, does it not require the consent of the population about to be ”enriched”?.

Watching events unfold in Hungary leaders in countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and perhaps even Austria could simply absolve themselves of the problem by tossing it to the public to vote down.

There’s also the issue of Hungary remaining an identifiable European nation, as the Islamification continues and the ethnic tensions increase, eyes throughout Europe will gaze jealously at the relative peace and calm which has been allowed the Hungarian people.


A Hungarian watches Globalism Inc Arrive…

It’s highly unlikely that there will be a military invasion of Hungary by the Globalist empire, after all, mass immigration and population replacement by proxy is the invasion. The Globalist camp does have the means by which to punish the Hungarian people, whether by relentlessly slurring them in the controlled media(already happening to a degree), sanctions, both political and economic, and general harassment and ostracism, specifically via the EU.

But this too is a rather dangerous and, potentially, very messy strategy. Orban’s move to allow the people to decide was shrewd because he can absolve himself of the ”Right Wing extremist” tag by simply stating that the people decided, and so Globalism would then be in the position of opposing the democratic will of a people. And if they took the option of punishing Hungarians they would have to do so collectively, that is to say, they would be singling out a people for a punishment beating for no other reason than that people chose to retain their identity.

The wheels and machinery of the internationalist New World Order project are kept oiled and greased with political correctness, liberal platitudes and ”Brotherhood of Man” ideals. Can those ideals survive the elites taking a huge diversity dump on a European country of 9 Million, when everybody everywhere knows the Hungarian people specifically rejected it? Are those ideals now too be enforced by financially ruining a small nation and making it the North Korea of Europe?

The problem for the Globalists is that they don’t have a carrot and stick, they offer only death and destruction to a racially aware European people.

1. You can be part our club, you get favourable interest rates and a modicum of respect within the club, you get I-Phones and pizza and beer, but you will die a slow lingering death through Cultural Marxism and mass immigration.

2. Reject us and we will ruin you, we will ruin you through economics and EU bureaucracy, the media will portray you as a weird throwback and you will be ostraci
zed. But you will remain a distinct people.

This isn’t a carrot and stick approach, it isn’t even a stick and stick approach, it’s more like the choice between having your skull smashed in by a baseball bat or your head hacked off with an Islamic scimitar.

In either case, the agenda of the elites is exposed, and truth and reality to this filth is like garlic to a vampire.