Vietnamese Children are Still Being Taught That Homos are Mentally Ill Perverts

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2020

Communism is the last remaining shield against degeneracy.

If you’re living in the West, you might be worried that leaving your children in public schools will see them brainwashed with insane tranny acceptance gibberish as well as “gay rights” nonsense.

Well, apparently, there’s a simple solution if you want your kids to get a healthy education: just move to Vietnam.

The Guardian:

Young people in Vietnam continue to be taught at home and at school that same-sex attraction is a “disease” and a “mental illness” that can be cured and treated, despite legislation designed to support and protect LGBTQ+ rights.

Stigma and discrimination about sexual orientation and gender identity contribute to the verbal harassment and bullying of LGBTQ+ young people, which in some cases leads to physical violence, according to a report published on Thursday by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Activists have called on the Vietnamese government to fulfil its pledges to protect LGBTQ+ rights.

“Largely thanks to a vibrant civil society-led LGBT rights movement, social awareness and acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity has increased greatly in recent years in Vietnam. The government’s actions, however, have so far not officially reflected these changes,” said Graeme Reid of HRW.

In other words, a bunch of “private” organizations are pushing for faggotry in Vietnam, while the government is resisting these “changes.”

Practically every time you see these private organizations agitating the people against their own traditions and government policies, foreign (i.e., Jewish) powers are behind them, looking to destabilize the country.

With the ultimate goal of overthrowing the government and replacing it with a more Jew-friendly one.

Faggotry in general, and “gay rights” in particular, are literally a weapon used by Jews to destroy countries they don’t like.

“One result of the sluggish policy change is that social perceptions in many cases remain mired in outdated and incorrect frameworks – such as the widespread belief that same-sex attraction is a diagnosable mental health condition.”

Verbal harassment of LGBTQ+ students is common in public and private schools, both rural and urban, the report claims. Students and teachers commonly use derogatory words, with teachers frequently referring to homosexuality as “mental illness”, and parents threatening violence, expulsion, or medical treatment if children are gay, according to in-depth interviews with 52 LGBTQ youth, teachers and other school staff in Vietnam.

Quân, a gay 18-year-old, told interviewers that his high school biology teacher described “being LGBT [a]s a disease”, while Tuyết, also 18, said: “During a class to educate us about family and marriage, the teacher said: ‘Homosexuality is an illness and it’s very bad.’

“There’s a lot of pressure on kids to be straight,” one school counsellor told HRW. “It’s constantly referenced that being attracted to someone of the same sex is something that can, and should be, changed and fixed.”

n 2015 Vietnam made international headlines when it voted to allow individuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery to register under their new gender. Although the nation was heralded as one of the most progressive in south-east Asian , Vietnam has still not passed the bill required to enforce that law, which means discrimination against LGBTQ+ people largely goes unchecked, activists claim.

All this sounds extremely reasonable.

In fact, this is definitely something that we should emulate in order to reduce the prevalence of all these insane perverts.

Maybe if Bernie somehow wins, he can put in place a new regime of brutal communism, and we’ll finally be able to shove all these bourgeois degenerates in a gulag. More importantly, we can get some commie summer camps for children, which look sweet as hell.

Tfw you’ll never prance around in a Soviet uniform while playing communist music. My childhood will never be complete ?.

Presumably, once China takes over all of Asia, all of these countries will be shielded from the Western (i.e., Jewish) pressure to tolerate homo behavior. You can be sure that once that pressure is let off, all of these Asians will crack down on degeneracy in a heartbeat.

After all, Confucius once said: “Penis goes in vagina, poopoo comes out of butthole. Not other way around. That is the way of wisdom.” Wait, or was that Buddha? Whatever.