Vietnam: Kamala Harris Mistakes Plaque Celebrating John McCain’s Capture for a Memorial Honoring Him!

This is so confusing and ridiculous that it’s difficult to believe it’s even real.

Did the bitch think that John McCain was a hero of the Vietnamese people?

How little would you have to know about the basic history of the US to think that?


US Vice President Kamala Harris blundered into a series of cultural faux pas while visiting Vietnam, her first official journey to a foreign state in office, as she attempted to pay homage to former prisoner of war John McCain.

Harris on Wednesday stopped by a lakeside monument in the capital city of Hanoi to place a bouquet of flowers, as if believing the structure was meant to honor deceased Arizona Senator, and former US fighter pilot, John McCain. The stop marked the third anniversary of McCain’s death from a brain tumor.

How does the media not know what this is?

They are calling it a memorial!

I just… I can’t understand how this is possible.

The Republican politician, who became a darling of the Democratic party during Donald Trump’s tenure for his unrestrained loathing of the former president, was shot down over Truc Bach Lake during the Vietnam War in 1967 and pulled out by Vietnamese civilians, who turned him over to the Vietnamese Communist army as their prisoner.

However, the “memorial” where Harris placed her flowers, positioned at the site of the crash, was intended as a tribute to the Vietnamese defenders who captured the pilot – not the American who’d crash-landed in their lake after already bombing their country 22 times, likely killing multiple innocent civilians along the way. A plaque at the crash site indicates as much:

“On 26 October 1967 near Trúc Bạch Lake in the capital, Hanoi, the citizens and military caught Pilot John Sidney McCain. The US Navy Air Force Aviator was flying aircraft A4, which crashed near Yen Phu power station. This was one of ten aircraft shot down that same day.”

I’ve probably overused the term “inexplicable.” But this is truly inexplicable.

I am unable to explain what is going on here.

The bitch brought flowers to a spot celebrating John McCain’s capture.

Her staff had to have planned this. I mean, she didn’t think of it herself. This was intended as a photo-op to show that Kamala is a supporter of John McCain, and a big time war hawk.

There are a lot of verses in the Bible about the enemies of God becoming totally unhinged and delusional, because God curses them with confusion.

There is no other explanation for the kind of bizarro bungling we are seeing amongst these Democrats, other than that God Himself is sending ethereal waves of confusion and madness onto them.

All of Asia is seeing this stuff. Kamala’s tour is on all of the TVs in every Asian country. There is no one in Asia who doesn’t know the history of the Vietnam war. Asians are also really autistic, and incapable of processing anything that is not exactly literal. They are going to see this and think she is celebrating the Vietnamese fighters who shot down John McCain.

I guarantee you, China is running headlines: “American leader surrenders honor in homage of brave Vietnamese fighters who shot down imperialist American pig.”