Vidyacaust: E3 Highlights (It’s Not as Bad as You Thought It was Gonna Be)

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2018

E3 is the biggest video game exposition in the world, and it’s here. This is where major video game publishers make announcements for their future projects and releases.

Overall, the show was proof that gamergate lost, and video games will now be shit forever. But it isn’t all bad. There were a few diamonds in this turd.

Metokur did gud live commentary on all the major presentations (other than Nintendo, which hasn’t happened yet at time of writing).



So, a bunch of Gears of War games, a new Halo, and a bunch of games that you’ll be able to play on PC anyway. Microsoft has basically abandoned the concept of “exclusives,” releasing all their games on both Windows and Xbox. I mean, I like it, since I’m not about to buy one of their consoles, but it really makes it kind of pointless to get own an Xbox – unless you’re short on cash, I guess. Or a Mac guy. But in that case, if you’re going to own a single console, it probably wouldn’t be an Xbox.

There were some interesting trailers mixed in the presentation though.

From Software haven’t made a bad game in a very long time, so this should be pretty interesting.

I don’t know anything about this game, but the visual design is incredible. I remember reading Moebius comic books as a kid, and this looks exactly like those. I’d probably play this just for the visuals.

The past ones have been well received. And the developers are Eastern Europeans, so you can be sure that this will have minimal poz.

Like Metokur said, this is basically “oy, you gotta license for that?” – the video game. It’s set in some kind of totalitarian Britain where the government tries to control people’s emotions, even though everything is falling apart. In other words, it’s exactly like real Britain. Could be some interesting social commentary there, we’ll have to see more.


Nothing really unexpected here.

They announced the next Elder Scrolls game, but didn’t say anything about it and didn’t say when it’d be out, so… not much there.

Yeah we already knew you were gonna make an ES6, Bethesda.

We got some more info on Fallout 76, but the presentation kind of raises more questions than answers.

We still don’t understand what the hell this game is. It’s only online, but it is not an MMO. I guess the idea that it is closer to the bomb drops than all the other games is a mildly interesting gimmick.

Rage 2 looks pretty nice, I guess.

The first one was rather mediocre, but it did show some promise. I’m starting to feel some post-apocalyptic fatigue, though. There’s like, 10 games at E3 taking place in some kind of Mad Max type wasteland. I guess that is perhaps a comment on the general state of the collective unconscious of the Western mind, at present – we’re all kind of expecting to see that, sometime in our lives, so apparently we need to play these games to get ready for it.

And I guess there’s that weird Elder Scrolls mobile game. I don’t know what’s up with that. We’ll see.

Bethesda did manage to make the single worthwhile freemium sim in Fallout Shelter.



Basically nothing here.


Sony had some pretty crazy shit on display, in spite of their boring as hell and bizarre presentation (which included a banjo guy for some inexplicable reason).

I have no idea what the hell is going on in this trailer, but I like it. Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear series, and writer/director of most of those games) is a complete madman, and this is what happens when he’s let off Konami’s leash and can do whatever he wants (he quit the company after Metal Gear Solid V, and is producing this himself).

I guess the revelation that “The Last of Us 2” is going to be a Jewish lesbo simulator was pretty shocking too. I guess we have to admit though that the gameplay looks pretty sweet. Despite this thing with… sniffing the Jew dykefriend at a ballroom dance.

That’s a pretty huge departure from the zombie horror survival gameplay of the prequel. Bold move, Naughty Dog.

But this here now…

Finally, a game when you can repel the Mongol invasion single-handedly.

Following the lesbian theme, we got… Levitating Lesbo: The Game.

Strange trailer, but those effects look pretty neat.

This next one hits the nail tho.

A remake of Resident Evil 2. Should be interesting. The remake of RE1 for the Gamecube was great. I would be incredible if they remade it in the style of RE7, in first person.

Somehow, even after a total zombie overload in our culture, Resident Evil manages to be compelling.

Devolver Digital

>Mech America great again

Yeah, this was the most entertaining presentation.

But really, the crowning trailer of E3 so far has got to be this one:

This is the game by CD Projekt Red, the Polish developer who makes the Witcher series. So it’s almost certainly going to be awesome.

And of course, there’s the new Nigger’s Creed:

It’s taking place in ancient Greece, this time. Yawn.

For (((whatever reason))), ancient Greece is filled with niggers.

Because obviously.

We wuz greeks.

That’s most of the presentations covered. But if there’s other interesting happenings during the rest of the event, I’ll post an update.


Here’s Nintendo’s full thing.

Here’s IGN’s coverage of it, which is different.

We haven’t watched this yet, it just streamed a couple hours ago.

Here’s the full Super Smash Brothers Ultimate reveal.

Here’s their press conference.

And the highlights.

It’s was expected that Nintendo would beat Sony for best of show. You can be the judge of that.


We somehow forgot Doom.

It was just a teaser, no gameplay.