Vidya Publishers Form Alliance to Stop Scourge of Players Having Fun in Games

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2018

This is NOT okay. Games are serious business. If you want to relax and have fun, play sudoku or whatever. Also: >gamecube controllers, lol.

The video game industry is making boatloads of money these days, but they have a serious problem: some of their players (more specifically, young White males) are actually letting loose and having a good time gaming online.

This is obviously highly problematic, and is making women and minorities very uncomfortable – or, dare I say, even triggered.

So many publishers are now forming a grand alliance to finally start cracking down on this unacceptable phenomenon.

Some of the industry’s leading publishers, platform holders and tech providers have teamed up to improve efforts on dealing with abusive player behaviour in multiplayer games.

“Abusive behavior” is a code word for lads exchanging ordinary banter and goofing off.

Fun will be banned – to prevent girls from crying.

The Fair Play Alliance announced itself during GDC in San Francisco this week, with an all-day summit discussing how developers can create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere in their online games.

Who decided a game about shooting people in the face should have a “welcoming atmosphere?”

There are more than 30 companies already signed up to take part in the Alliance’s combined efforts, including: Blizzard, CCP, Corillian, Discord, Epic, Flaregames, Huuuge Games, Intel, Kabam, Kefir, Ker-Chunk Games, Mixer, Owlchemy Labs, Playrix, Radial Games, Riot Games, Roblox Corp, Rovio, Space Ape Games, Spirit AI, Supercell, Two Hat, Twitch, Unity and Xbox.

On the official website, the group declared its mission statement: “We provide an open forum for the games industry to collaborate on research and best practices that encourage fair play and healthy communities in online gaming. We envision a world where games are free of harassment, discrimination, and abuse, and where players can express themselves through play.

“Where players can express themselves through play.”

In other words, not through their words. Why don’t they just disable the chat functions, then? That’s the only way they’ll prevent boys from bantering back and forth while shooting each other.

This problem was already solved in Phantasy Star Online:

It was an early MMO on Dreamcast where players could only communicate with an icon system.

But that “innovation” didn’t exactly catch on. Players love being able to talk and hear what others have to say. This was never considered a problem until the PC police came in and whined that young guys where saying all sorts of “problematic things” to each other.

So now they’re trying to shut down freedom of speech in video games, in the name of stopping “harassment” or whatever. This is obviously complete bullshit, considering that every game out there allows you to simply mute players who annoy you, or simply disable voice chat completely.

This is obviously an attack on young White males, and masculinity in general. Because banter is the natural way to interact with team mates in a competitive environment, and taunting the enemy is also part and parcel of the online game experience.

Trying to make these competitive games into “safe spaces” for women and minorities is just going to make the whole thing boring and stupid. These companies are shooting themselves in the foot.