Videos of People Not Social-Distancing in Europe Prove the Lockdown was a Hoax

Okay so.

Let me get this straight.

The governments of Europe locked their populations in their houses on the pretense that they had to do it to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. Then when it was clear that hospitals were not overwhelmed, they kept them locked down, saying the virus was dangerous so they just had to stay locked up indefinitely.

Now, after our economies have been totally wrecked, governments are opening back up – even though the virus still exists and people continue to get infected, with old people and people with chronic health problems still potentially dying.

Yes, the virus is less contagious because it’s summer (something the media and experts have aggressively lied about). But everyone who could have been exposed to the virus in February, March and April can be exposed to the virus now. There is zero qualitative difference between opening up now and opening up in March.

This proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the lockdown was always a hoax.

People are not even putting up a pretext of “social distancing.” Again, I don’t think they should, because I don’t believe in any of this, but according to the British government and Neil “Chubby Chaser” Ferguson, millions of people are now going to die because of what I’m seeing in these videos.

The BBC has announced that it’s impossible to social distance during the commute. And the government is not enforcing mask rules.

Here are some shots from London since the restrictions were eased over the weekend.

We’re seeing similar scenes in France – which had the strictest lockdown this side of Cuomo’s New York – after lockdowns were eased.

The same is happening in Spain.

So again: why were we locked up for two months, if now everything is just going to go back to normal?

“Flatten the curve” made logical sense, even if all the data was wrong.

“Wait for a vaccine” was insane, but at least you could comprehend the concept.

“Just stay locked up for two months, and then we’ll let you out” makes no sense, at all.

Of course, I personally believe this is all part of the plan, based on all of the writings I’ve read from the people who planned this hoax. This easing of the lockdown is going to be temporary. They’re going to come back and say, “oh well, there’s more infections, and a couple of people at the nursing home and one morbidly obese man died, so you have to get locked up in your house again. Sorry.”

Allowing people to move all close together serves this purpose. They will say, “you bad boys couldn’t follow the rules! Now you’ve got to go back inside for a timeout!”