Videos of Parkour Enthusiasts Climbing Notre Dame Support Arson Theory

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

The above video is from May 2018, but proves that the clandestine entering of Notre Dame is not a very challenging feat, to say the least.

There’s more recent uploads of people using Notre Dame as a parkour playground.

The media and the French authorities were very quick to come out and say that it was all likely just an accident and that nothing suggested arson. But how could they affirm that before even launching an investigation? There’s no way they could know if nothing suggests the fire was intentional before a proper investigation, and there hasn’t been a proper investigation yet.

So why were they so quick to try to discredit people’s logical concerns?

They could just have said that it was too early to know and that everything was on the table, but instead they choose to shut down a rational theory supported by an increasing pool of evidence.

The fire started at 18:15, after the workers were gone. If the media and the French authorities continue pushing the “accident” narrative, they’ll have to explain why a fire spontaneously happened at that time instead of happening when the workers were operating whatever tools and machinery were in place for the restoration project.

French churches have been suffering from a vandalism spree lately, so it isn’t far-fetched to think that Notre Dame burning is another instance of said vandalism.

Some groups of “youths” apparently wanted to burn other cathedrals, too.

La Voix Du Nord, March 26, 2018:

On Sunday evening, a group of youths scaled the scaffolding found on the right side of the tower of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame à Saint-Omer. A can of gasoline and a burned worker’s uniform were found at a height of 50 meters, not far from the construction worker’s cabin. The police of Saint-Omer have opened an investigation.

French churches in general appear to be ridiculously under-protected.

If random guys can just climb over French cathedrals and film themselves exploring them, then thinking that someone may have deliberately started the fire after illegally entering Notre Dame is not an absurd proposition.

Right now there’s the following to support the arson theory:

  • The “person moving on the roof followed by a flash” video
  • The fact that French churches have been getting vandalized lately
  • Parkour videos proving that entering French churches (Notre Dame included) is easy
  • The fact that Notre Dame burned when France is the most crowded with browns and all kinds of Moslems
  • The fact that said browns and Moslems celebrated when Notre Dame burned
  • The timing, following Brenton Tarrant’s mosque visit

…and there’s the following to support the accident theory:

  • CNN
  • Buzzfeed
  • The feelings of the French authorities
  • The obvious fact that fires just spontaneously happen for no reason at all at any place and at any time, totally at random

Hard to say what’s more likely, huh?

Just a happy coincidence.