Video Montage Shows Democrats Inciting Violence

The recent shift of the Democrat narrative from “BLM and Antifa riots are a myth” to “BLM and Antifa rioters are Donald Trump supporters” culminated this week when Joe Biden gave a speech insinuating that Trump is the mastermind behind BLM and Antifa. It’s clearly the nuttiest and most blatantly dishonest narrative that any major political party has ever promoted in all of history, and I’m still in shock that they’re actually running with it. I keep trying to run it through my brain, and keep hitting a “does not compute” function in my thoughts.

I wonder how normal people are dealing with it? Does the target audience of CNN simply start repeating that Black Lives Matter is a Trump-backed group, after they were told to worship them as their new masters just days earlier?

Above is a video montage of Democrats inciting violence, just in case anyone needed to be reminded that they did this. It’s a good one to share.