Video, Images: 140,000 Moslems Pray to Terrorist God in Birmingham

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

This is fine.

Daily Mail:

A record-breaking 140,000 Muslims have gathered in Europe’s largest such celebration to mark Eid.

The celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, has been taking place for each of the last seven years in Birmingham’s Small Heath Park.

Celebrate Eid has witnessed a more than 10-fold increase in attendee numbers, from the 12,000 people who ushered in the first celebration back in 2011.

Worshippers of all ages came together for morning prayers on Friday, before enjoying festivities including fairground rides, miniature golf and laser clay pigeon shooting.

What, are they going to start terrorizing the pidgeons now, too?

Food and drink from local stalls was also on offer, and organisers from Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre heralded the event’s continuing success and growing popularity.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “This celebration is one of the most important in the Islamic religious calendar and it’s an opportunity for us all to come together in peace and unity.

Yeah, peace and unity, amirite?

Submit to Allah, and you will not be harmed.

“We’re all overwhelmed that so many people from different faiths and from across the world have travelled to Birmingham for this year’s Celebrate Eid.

“We’ve been working for months with five local mosques and our charity partner Human Appeal to organise the community for a memorable day of prayer, games and fun.”

Ramadan is also a time for charitable giving, and the mosque and community centre said it had raised more than £1 million for the Saving Syria Project.

Translation: They have raised more than a million to help fund ISIS.

So, seriously. When was the last time you saw a display of Christian piety on this scale? I just spent some time searching for something, and I couldn’t find anything. This terrorist religion seems to be capable of putting out a larger show of force than the natives whose island they are occupying.

And, look. If you didn’t go out to do some giant community ritual last Easter, neither did I. I get it.

But, as a strategy, atheism is the equivalent to unilateral nuclear disarmament when your country is getting flooded with Moslems whose book tells them to conquer and convert everything.

This “religion” is just a formal codification of their racial loyalty to themselves.

Dark clouds over Airstrip One.