Video: Girls Forced to Share Bathroom With Transgender Boy Speak Out

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2014

As the corrosive poison of Jewish Cultural Marxism continues to work its way through our society, we will see more and more stories like this. Thanks to the acceptance of the insane notion of “gender identity disorder”, girls at public schools across the country will be forced to share facilities with boys who claim to be girls.

One tearful mother in the video pitifully asks why the proponents of “transgenderism” cannot simply respect her daughter’s desire not share a bathroom with a boy. This woman claims that she respects the choice of the boy to identify as a girl, and merely asks for mutual respect for her daughter’s feelings.

This is the fatal assumption: that the current Jewish system is based on respect or fairness. The system is based on destroying all traces of decency and traditional morality. This is not a game where we can compromise. Either we expel the Jews from our society, or we lose everything.