Video: D-Day as Afro-Europeans Storm Spanish Beach, Liberate Gibs from Old White Nazis

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2018

Watch the video, it’s 54 seconds long.

You see the way they landed?

The way they rushed in?

Does it remind you of something else?

El País:

A small boat carrying a group of migrants landed at La Barrosa beach in Cádiz on Sunday afternoon. Beachgoers at the crowded vacation spot looked on in astonishment as the inflatable craft approached the shore, letting those on board jump off and run towards the cliff. According to witnesses, many of the migrants appeared to be minors.
The arrivals come after Spain’s maritime service rescued 58 migrants from the Strait of Gibraltar this weekend. Fourteen were located on Monday and another 44 migrants, from Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, on Sunday.
According to the Interior Ministry, 17,605 undocumented migrants have arrived in Spain by sea since the beginning of the year, and 3,292 more have entered by land through Ceuta and Melilla. An average of 54 people arrived in Spain by sea each day in the first five months of 2018. That average has since shot up to 220 per day.

Yes, migrants, goy, that’s correct.

Repeat after me, one more time. Migrants.


Good goy.

You know who doesn’t storm your beaches, and rush inland?


You know who does?


You know who doesn’t enter your country without your permission?


You know who does?


Unfortunately, some bigoted racists still insist on treating these beautiful new Afro-Europeans with the language of Hate. Clearly, these racists need to just stop worrying, and learn to love soykaf.

If someone enters your home uninvited, it’s basically racist to assume that it’s a break-in, just because of the color of their skin. There’s no reason to assume that an undocumented guest has any ill intentions.

We cannot defeat hate, until we defeat the language of hate. These racist white people are trying to muddy the waters, by accusing the heroic NGO negro-transporters of doing the exact same thing. They’re trying to corrupt the terms with which we understand the world, and trick normie brains with a false premise as the starting point of the discussion. They do this because they want to gas Jews, because of Hate.

Why don’t these bigots just accept these guests into their home? I mean, what could go wrong? Look at all the negros in the USA, there’s no problem there.

They’re just trying to shut down the conversation before it begins, so that the energy can’t flow, and Feng shui can’t do its magic.


Language influences the way we think.

Calling things by their name is important.

Humanitarians helping the refugee children.

Confusing words confuses normies. It’s a tool the Nazi racists have been using since who knows when, and that is reason enough to resist it and enforce the correct terminology everywhere, every time.

Don’t be fooled by the grammar-nazis and meaning-nazis.

You have to enforce meaning and defend meaning, because meaning is what the Nazis want to rob you of. They’ve been doing this with great success so far.

Just look around you when you walk down the streets. When you’re commuting. At school. At work. Everywhere.

What do you see?

People robbed of meaning, made into disposable gears of the ever-growing Nazi machine we call modern-society.

Nazis did this to this poor family.

Nazis did this to this cat.