VIDEO: Be American, Try to Drive Away From Police, Get Shot (Also BBS Registration Update)

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

You know, I try to be understanding, and just assume that the police are trying to actually do their job and maintain order, until there’s undeniable evidence to the contrary.

Like, that thing yesterday, where I used the LAPD double-execution video of an aztec knife warrior and his hostage to bait the audience into a long, free-associative insight article which somehow tied together five unrelated subjects and yet coherently concluded on the opening topic.

They messed up – but I tried to understand.

I thought to myself immediately after, “well that would’ve gotten more clicks if I had broken it down into two or three articles,” and Mr. Anglin was like “yeah, that would’ve gotten more clicks if you had broken it down into two or three articles,” which is funny, because I’m constantly telling new Spanish writers to keep it short.

Basically, I try to explain to them that you, the prototypical reader, are sixteen-year-old high school student with the attention span of a chipmunk in mating season and no background knowledge of anything, reading on your phone in class, mostly looking for shock value and lulz and ignoring the overassertive yet fragile ego of your incompetent empowered womyn teacher.

lol i wish i knew what these numbers meant

It is what it is.

I really need to try to write a huge volume of low-effort articles to try to take the heat off of Mr. Anglin, though – or, better yet, try to recruit more English writers for him.

Like, it doesn’t even bother me that I don’t have the time to do high quality, click-inefficient articles. It bothers me that Mr. Anglin doesn’t have the time. He’s got his own, even higher quality big brain stuff to write about, if he can ever catch a break from the daily clickbaiting.

He’s been hiding his true power level this whole time.

We need to re-open registration for the BBS first, though. This will basically mean someone doing it manually, hopefully not me, but someone will get it done.

Give us, like, two weeks max on that, guys. We’ll get you covered.

Then, I dunno, someone will have to go through stacks of writing samples to see if we can fish out any writer material, once prospective writers can at least get into the forum. It definitely needs to be done, and I don’t think anyone else has the time.

Also – police brutality.

Or, as it is otherwise known in America – “Thursday.”

Daily Camera:

“I thought you were going to run us over. That’s why I shot you.”

Those were the words of Louisville police Cpl. Joe Lamb to the driver he shot in a parking lot off South Boulder Road in June, uttered minutes after newly released body camera footage shows Lamb firing into the side of the man’s pickup truck as the driver appears to be pulling away from police and not toward the two officers.

Yeah, I mean – this is why body cameras are a good idea. You can literally watch the video yourself and be the judge of what went down there.

The only thing they needed to do to not get hit by that truck was… nothing at all.

Louisville police today released footage from officers’ body and dashboard cameras that shows the June 7 shooting that injured Nicholas Moses, along with what led up to it, and the aftermath.

Though Lamb already has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the Boulder County district attorney, Louisville police are still conducting their own internal investigation to determine whether the responding officers followed departmental protocol.

Serious question – what does a cop even have to do get a criminal charge? If this isn’t it, what is it?

Shoot a negro in self-defense, and get crucified by the Jewish press, I guess. That’s the only way I’ve ever seen a police officer get tried for anything.

Moses, 25, was sitting in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck when Lamb and Officer Ben Himes responded to a call of suspicious people and possible drug activity at the Village Square Shopping Center in the 500 block of South Boulder Road.

Louisville police released dash-cam footage from both Lamb’s and Himes’s vehicles, and footage from both Lamb’s and Himes’ body cameras, as well as footage from a third officer who arrived at the scene after the shooting.

On Himes’s body camera, Moses can be seen initially getting out of the truck and following the officers’ commands before running back to the vehicle as Lamb follows him and reaches into the driver window.

Moses’s father, John, and a dog can be seen in the passenger seat.

Himes then deploys his stun gun on Moses, who backs up the truck and continues to try to get it in gear. On both body camera reels, Lamb can be heard saying, “Get out of the car right now!” repeatedly, followed by “I will (expletive) shoot you.” Lamb can be seen alternating between a handgun and what appears to be his stun gun in the other hand.

The footage then shows Moses backing up, before going forward again, and driving past Lamb — who fires seven shots into the driver’s side of the truck as it goes past him, causing Moses to crash the vehicle a few yards away.

Moses, who was hit twice in the arm, is helped out of the driver’s side door by Lamb, who applies a tourniquet to Moses’s arm while John Moses gets out from the passenger side and is handcuffed by Himes.

The dog was killed in the shooting.

In the video, Moses can be heard asking “Am I going to die?” Lamb tells him he is not going to die as he applies the tourniquet, and Moses responds, “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to go to jail.”

Both men had outstanding warrants out for their arrest at the time of the shooting.

Moses also can be heard telling Himes, who was placing his father in custody, that, “It wasn’t his idea, it was mine,” and, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

After Moses apologizes again, Lamb said, “That was a stupid idea. You rammed my patrol car and I thought you were going to run us over. That’s why I shot you.”

Yet at no point in the video does it appear either officer was ever in front of the truck, and witnesses also said they never saw the truck drive in the direction of either Lamb or Himes.

Both Lamb and Himes were placed on administrative leave during the investigation but have since been restored to limited duty.

And… they’re still working, and getting paid.

It’s hard to think of anything new to write about this situation. We see this same thing, like, three days in a row now, and it’s tiresome.

Here’s one idea that might actually be new, though –

This is just one of many painful symptoms of the disintegration of American communities.

If people actually knew their neighbors, had non-corrupted churches to go to, lived in the same place where their grandfathers lived historically, and had some connection to the land they were on and the people on it, then people would actually know this guy, and his family.

He’s a junkie, sure, but I’m sure he’s got two degrees of connection to plenty of decent people – and they would feel the need to organize and protest this Simon Says policing, because they would recognize it as a threat to themselves.

Americans talk a lot about the Second Amendment as in “this gives me the right to have a gun,” but they tend to forget that “well regulated militia” is an idea which is predicated on having communities of people who know each other, who are related to each other, and who will cooperate for their collective self-defense.

The First Amendment is also not just about “my right to tell the whole internet how much I don’t appreciate badge niggers,” but also guarantees “the right to peaceful assembly and redressal of grievances,” another thing that cannot happen without a community that is capable of organizing itself.

If there was any “society” left on the local level, the police officers would be sourced from this society, they would be part of it, and so they wouldn’t terrorize it because that would diminish their own standing and that of their family.

Constitutional rights are not there to protect “muh boomer hyperindividualism.” They are there to protect the people, but if there is no society, there is no “the people” to exercise these rights – and that’s what you’re seeing, in this video, and generally.

In the current, atomized state of America, there is no mayor and no sheriff who will lose an election over this, because no one knows anyone, no one is from around here, and no one cares.