VIDEO: Be 56% American, Take Vacation in Spain, Get Attacked by Niggers, Go to Hospital

Luis Castillo (adapted from original by Guillermo Alonso)
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2018

This is why Commielonia wants its independence.

They want the enrichment, and they want it faster than the traitorous government in Madrid can give it to them.

They want those niggers and they want them NOW.

Ada Colau, butter golem, mayoress of Barcelona and nigger lover.

El Español: (Spanish)

It all happened over a baby stroller. According to statements from witnesses to El Español, the fight broke out when a woman, of Spanish nationality, tried to pass through the street vendors with a stroller. As she could not get through the zone, she had to ask the vendors to make space for her. And the subsaharans, contrarian, began to argue with the woman.

The argument heated up and the rest of the passersby in the Plaza Cataluña paid no attention to what was happening. A group of 10 American tourists, 4 adults and 6 children, were passing through the plaza, in front of the iconic Café Zurich of Barcelona in that instant. One of them stopped and approached the vendors to help the woman. His intervention angered them.

In a video recorded by a witness, one can see how one of the vendors whipped the tourist with a belt, who was only trying to help the woman. The tourist’s wife also received a few blows.

The tourist, 51 years of age, attempts to flee. But the whippings gravely injured him in the femoral, with a cut, and in the head, due to the impact of the buckle. He lost a litre of blood and had to be rapidly admitted to the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona.

The Mossos D’Esquadra have stated that they have made no arrests as of the moment. The autonomous police and the Urban Guard have opened an investigation.

Commielonia – where you can be filmed attacking one of the tourists that the region depends on, and not get arrested.

José Bravo, 56% Cuban “American” and White Knight.

Later in the afternoon, when the sun lets up a little, the vendors begin to reappear in the Plaza Cataluña, fewer than usual. None of them want to know anything about what happened the day prior. Everyone insists that they don’t know the aggressors. One even tries to lead off the trail: “Morrocans, they were morrocan guys”, he insists.

Okay, let’s count the things in this article that surprise me.

  • Niggers invading Europe.
  • The government actively helping them to do this.
  • Catalonian passers-by doing absolutely nothing to defend one of their own women or her baby against the savage niggers.
  • An “American” – even 56% of one – having more balls than these commie cucks.
  • Niggers having more loyalty to their own people than commielonians.
  • The police doing nothing even though the region depends on tourism.

Number of surprises: 0.

Just end it already, please.

A race specific bioweapon would be nice, but I’ll take whatever at this point. Nuclear fire would be fine, too.

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