Video: Alec Baldwin Apparently Blames January 6 Protesters for His Situation

I’m not really sure what is going on in this video, beyond the fact that Alec Baldwin is having some kind of mental breakdown.

I wrote before that this is what happens when you live your life as an asshole and no one cares about you and is there to help you in your time of weakness. Someone should be stopping Baldwin from posting videos like this, but no one is, because no one cares about Alec Baldwin, because he’s an asshole.

In the video, he says that he’s going to solve the mystery of why he shot that woman to death, and that this will bring justice. To be fair, as I’ve said from the beginning: it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t load the gun. Obviously, if he wasn’t a shitlib retard who knows nothing about guns, he would have checked the gun before firing it, but that wasn’t part of his job.

But these interviews, these weird public statements… this is a really bad look for him, and it actually makes him look like he’s guilty of some serious crime.

After saying he is going to solve the mystery, he then apparently blames January 6 protesters for his situation. He says that right-wing “rags” are giving him bad press, and then says that this is somehow related to January 6.

Very strange.

But I guess to be fair, he’s probably losing his sanity like we all are, under this endless regime of lunacy and chaos.