Victory of Whiteness: NYF Continues Their Brave Actions Against Anti-White Terrorist Robert Poe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2015

Sick tattoo freak and complete faggot bitch Robert Poe.  Note the Antichrist t-shirt.
Trying so very hard: Sick tattoo freak and complete faggot bitch Robert Poe. Note the Antichrist t-shirt. Also note that his parents are rich, lol.

The ongoing situation at Arizona State University – where a spineless fatboy with a Negro maid for a wife is teaching a class entitled “The Problem of Whiteness” – is heating up.

Lee Bebout’s anti-White class first made the media a few months ago, and was eventually covered by Fox News.

"Married to the Maid: The Lee Bebout Story"
“Married to the Maid: The Lee Bebout Story”

Following the mainstream coverage, the National Youth Front, led by Angelo John Gage, began an operation to protest it on the ASU campus.   This was entitled “Operation: Bad Teacher,” and included passing out fliers to students.

This led to the sick tattoo faggot Assistant Professor Robert Poe giving an open talk on campus about the necessity of bringing down the White race.  During the talk, Poe was baited by NYF member John Hess into admitting that he was supportive of using violence to silence people who disagree with his radical genocide scheme – but only if they “organize politically,” mind you.  He gave the example that he believes it is okay to use violence against people who support “anti-gay legislation.”

He then said “that’s the whole idea of White nationalism, to mobilize political power,” thereby indicating that he supports using violence against White Nationalists.

Conversely, White Nationalists do not support using violence against him – I have never met any racist who believes we need to use any form of violence against SJWs, Jews or the hordes.

Gage then emailed the school, and got this response from Patrick J. Kenney, who is the “Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a professor in the School of Politics and Global Studies”:

Screenshot from 2015-03-08 14:43:12
I see…

The single line reply reads “I appreciate your thoughts and assessments regarding Mr. Poe’s comments on the video circulating on YouTube.  Thank you for your interest.”

Gage encouraged others to email the school.

Though it isn’t completely clear what exactly happened, ASU took some form of disaplinary action against Poe for having made these statements calling for a race war against Whites during his open session.

The SJW website Down and Drought claims he may have either been fired or they’ve deferred his firing, but he is no longer on the class list as teacher:

According to information provided to Down and Drought, as threats poured in, the university told both professors to be quiet, likely hoping to hunker down and avoid controversy at a time when they were negotiating looming budget cuts with a Fox News adoring far right governor and legislature who might be agitated by the idea that such ideas are being taught on campus.

Our sources tell us that the university administration told both Poe and Bebout to stay quiet. Bebout was reminded that he is up for tenure and Poe was essentially issued a delayed termination, with the university removing his name from the class, forcing him to get class materials approved weekly, and forbidding him from teaching next semester. This looks a lot like ASU hoped to shift his official firing into the future, when there would be less eyes on it.

We received a screen shot of the class that Poe is teaching this semester and his name has been removed from it. In his place is the name of the head of his department school, the School of Social Transformation (SST).  Is the head of department  SST now teaching Poe’s class? Meanwhile, a search for Poe’s name on the faculty website turns up no results. Where did he go? What happened to him? Did ASU throw him under the bus?

It appears that ASU has caved in to Neo-Nazi demands. Which, in essence, means that Neo-Nazis basically are making hiring and firing decisions at ASU, and have imposed some measure of veto power over curriculum. At today’s protest, various members of the NYF ranted about eugenics, about biological differences between races and about their deep hatred for Jews. Will the biology department be the next target? You have to wonder where it will stop now.

If Poe has actually been fired, this will be one of the most successful pro-White actions in the last half a century, yet again proving that the NYF is the number one pro-White organization operating in these United States.

When asked if the course would be held again, the terrorist Poe’s associate Bebout said “probably not.”

The SJW supporters of Poe are claiming that a high-profile donor has pulled strings to have Poe removed.  But given that he was caught advocating race war terrorism, it seems that any normal person would be uncomfortable being directly associated with him.

On March 3rd, the faggot Poe held a demonstration against the school for having taken action against him.  NYF staged a counter-demonstration.

It was glorious.

The Edge-Master Poe then advocated for violence again, this time through a loud-speaker, telling the NYF boys: “yeah I fucking advocate violence against pieces of shit like you.”

(More videos of the confrontation here and here.)

This was five days ago.  Presumably, Poe will be fired, because the school simply cannot have its employees advocating open race war against Whites.  At the same time, they are surely hesitant to make it look like they are supporting the “Nazis” of NYF (I am not sure if they are actual Nazis, but they, like every White advocacy group save the Daily Stormer, obviously don’t publicly identify that way).

Silenced for violence???  But - Nazis and Hitler!
Silenced for violence??? But – Nazis and Hitler!

NYF is encouraging people to call or email the university’s President, and make it clear that it is wacky to have a man openly advocating for violence against a racial group teaching on campus.

We encourage those of you to call and email the school and let them know that Robert Poe is a loose cannon and should be removed from ASU for advocating violence and threatening White people, religious leaders, and an NYF activist with violence. Make sure you also let him know that this class is unacceptable.

Call President Crow’s office – (480) 965-8972

Or email the president by going here

This is far from over, and if ASU believes they will be able to continue teaching this hate-class unopposed, the are very mistaken. We at the National Youth Front will continue to fight for the rights of the White European peoples against this defamation!

When you send emails to the president of any of the other staff of the school, include this video, where the advocacy of violence is at the beginning.

The Terrorist Robert Faggot is a Poe

I just want to close here by noting how completely uncool Robert Poe is, as he is a fitting representative of the entire SJW movement.

Poe is the definition of trying too hard, what with the obvious obsession with his appearance.  This is not in any way hip, in fact it is emasculated and pathetic.  Look at this picture he posed for “holding his favorite book“:

Yep.  That's the collected works of the Jew Spinoza.
Yep. That’s the collected works of the Jew Spinoza.
Now he has even more tattoos on his neck!  And it is pure tribal!  Can you even quantify these edges????
Now he has even more tattoos on his neck! And it is pure tribal! Can you even quantify these edges????  Not without a quantum computer!

Beyond his womanlike obsession with his personal image, his ideology is definitively un-hip.  He has to get all of those tattoos and threaten people with genocide to appear edgy because the reality is that his beliefs are the exact same as those of the “most powerful man in the world,” Black President Barack Obama.  Sure, Obama doesn’t always follow his stated belief system, caving to the warmongers and capitalists, but the belief system as it is stated is almost identical to that of SJWs like Robert Poe.  And that is in no way cool.

Note: Poe identifies as an “anarchist,” which makes his views more extreme than those of Obama and other SJWs, but all this amounts to is “I’m more Obama than Obama,” and gives him an excuse to pretend he is some type of outsider fighting against the system.  That is also why he and other anarchists advocate violence – they need to prove they are not complete fags who spew the exact same thing as the mainstream media and the government – it’s like “oh, well, he advocates rushing restaurants and beating old people with hammers, I guess that’s sort of edgy, Obama doesn’t quite go that far.”

Conversely, we Nazis are on the edge of hip, given that we stand in direct opposition to the entirety of the system.  We believe homos should go to camps, we believe all immigrants should be deported, we believe the banks should be nationalized.   Our belief system is completely different than any presently being presented by the system.  Republicans might be nominally anti-gay, pro-family and pro-gun, but that is where the similarities end.

And we don’t prance around trying to look like faggots who spend three hours a day in the mirror.

SJWism is the system.  Nazism is the rebellion.  And the youth is seeing it.

Hail the National Youth Front.

Hail the White Race.

Hail Victory.