VICTORY: Finland Gets First Gender-Neutral Fire Station!

Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

One small step for Finland, one giant leap for Frontholekind.


About ten percent of contract firefighters in the Nordic country are female. Some 30 women work as fire chiefs.

The small town of Sysmä in southern Finland has earned the distinction of becoming home to Finland’s first gender neutral fire station.

A key feature of Sysmä’s new fire house are individual dressing rooms and showers, which allows all firefighters to wash at the same time in private dressing and shower cabins and is seen as a capital boost to inclusion. Previously, women and men at the station used to take turns showering, a female firefighter recalled.

A shame that shower cabins can’t change the fact that the average grown woman is physically weaker than the average 12-year-old boy.

“We are planning this facility 40 years into the future. We believe fire stations will see more gender equality in the coming years”, Taneli Rasmus, former technical director in the municipality, told national broadcaster Yle.

Finland’s oldest fire stations date to the 1800s. At some, cleaning cupboards have been used as women’s changing rooms.

In 40 years, Finland’s either gonna look like the Third Reich or like Saudi Arabia.

None of this crap you’re doing right now will have any relevance whatsoever.

According to Mira Leinonen, who leads the Women in Fire and Rescue Services Commission, Finland has room for improvement in combatting exclusion. According to her, being excluded undermines group cohesion and diminishes work satisfaction, and international studies suggest these factors often spur women into leaving the profession.

“When a rescue operation is finished, the crew head straight to the shower, often discussing their last job. Women are excluded from these conversations”, Leinonen lamented.

Yes, that’s the reason why women can’t be firemen, because they can’t chit-chat in the showers.

“Women have to learn how to do pull-ups”

Imagine that people who actually say this kind of idiocy are allowed to vote.

However, there are other negative factors that allegedly discourage women from choosing firefighting as their occupation. The entire sector, Leinonen argued, rests on the male norm, which calls for a drastic change in structures, gear, and attitudes. For instance, petite women struggle wearing uniforms and gear specifically designed for men. Leinonen cited a female firefighter who even had a baby in a her uniform.

“Rescue services are for everyone, so it should be a priority for our personnel to reflect society as a whole”, Leinonen concluded.


There’s really not much to say here except that you’re basically on your own.

Our Talmudized governments don’t give a shit whether you burn alive in a fire, get stabbed by an invader, or really anything other than arresting you for meanthink.

So learn how to take care of yourself and your family, plan in advance, coordinate with other people so you’re not completely on your own, because it’s only gonna get worse from here.

And get a good rucksack and fill it with goodies