Victoria’s Secret Shutting Down TV Special Because No One is Interested in Beautiful Women Anymore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2019

Years ago, I was upset by the ubiquity of images of scantily-clad women in our hyper-sexualized society, which I viewed as a drain on the soul due to my hypocritical philosophical adherence to Schopenhauerian asceticism.

Titillating imagery creates a kind of psychic and spiritual static within a man, the thinking goes, and the Jews put this in the environment on purpose.

However, at this point, imagery of idealized women is downright quaint, given that we are now having this shoved into our psychic environment:

And indeed, it appears that the world is now moving past imagery of idealized sexuality and into the sexualization of gross abominations.

Victoria’s Secret has announced that due to declining viewership and a falling interest in underwear that fits the ideal youth form of a woman, they will be canceling their annual televised fashion show.

How I wish that the great philosophers were here to analyze the meaning behind the hitherto unforeseen truth that when man becomes odium, his desire becomes loathing.

Wall Street Journal:

In an internal memo sent Friday to employees, L Brands Chairman and Chief Executive Les Wexner said he has “decided to re-think the traditional Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Going forward we don’t believe network television is the right fit.”

Demand for the company’s bras have cooled in recent years as customers have turned to brands emphasizing comfort and body inclusivity. Victoria’s Secret reported a 3% decline in comparable sales in the holiday quarter when many apparel brands posted improving sales.

Wall Street analysts have questioned how the company can adapt to changing consumer tastes. “We are concerned that the fashion show is no longer resonating with consumers whose attitude has shifted toward more natural looks and relatable beauty,” Wells Fargo analysts wrote in a research note last year.

Although Mr. Wexner has shifted away from catalog mailings and doubled down on sports bras to address the rise of so-called athleisure, Victoria’s Secret has appeared committed to its sex-infused marketing and Mr. Wexner has defended his focus on malls.

Imagine that women are no longer interested in pursuing the ideal of beauty, and have taken to showing open hostility towards anyone who says there is true beauty. Then imagine that men are okay with this.

Victoria’s Secret was attacked last year when the man who runs the fashion show said that he would not put a tranny in the show because “it is a fantasy.”

But the people have rejected the pursuit of a fantasy, which represented something to strive for, and have embraced their own decadence and depravity.

We have rejected God, because His standards were too high for us to ever meet, and we were no longer interested in trying. There was a time when we reached out for Him, for though we would never touch His hand, we knew that if we reached out, He would reach for us.

We knew that anything worth doing in this life was found in that space between His finger and ours.

Those days are long gone.

We told God that if He was only interested in raising us up, then He must go, because we are happy where we are, down here wallowing in the filth.

And now, we have said the same to the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Fare thee well, ye harlots, ye whores, ye obsolesced paragons of virtue and nobility.