Vicious Retard YouTube Bitch Abuses Loyal and Loving Pooch for No Reason

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

I used to think that e-THOTs only fucked their dogs.

But now, I know that they abuse them before they fuck them.


YouTube star Brooke Houts has been denounced by her followers after she accidentally uploaded a concerning video, which shows her hitting, seemingly spitting on and yelling at her dog.

In the clip, which was shared on her channel on Tuesday and has sparked an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, Houts tells her subscribers that she’s trying to prank her pooch — a Doberman named Sphinx.

When the dog excitedly jumps into the frame, Houts grows visibly angry and reprimands Sphinx by slapping him on the head.

She continues to berate the dog in the clip by yelling, “Stop!” and shoves him to the ground. She then appears to spit on him.

More footage of the incident shows Houts pushing Sphinx and shouting, “Lay down!”

Now what you just witnessed there is single-mummery parenting on full display, in all of its uncensored glory. See, the pooch is just playing the role of the toddler here. Don’t believe me? Well, Brooke actually admits to being a fur mommy.

Brooke often films videos with her Doberman pinscher. The controversial video wasn’t Sphinx’s first cameo on Brooke’s channel, as he was also featured in five videos in the month leading up to the shocking footage. He can be seen in uploads like “a very honest video with my dobermann” and “things i wish i knew before becoming a young dog mom! (feat. my doberman puppy).” Brooke revealed she welcomed Sphinx into her studio after turning 20 years old.

She’s also a ho.

Brooke is an aspiring actress. She has one acting credit in the episode “Fu**boy” for the television series Interracial on her IMDb page.

We’ve said it once, but we just have to stress it again.

These THOTs are useless, mean-spirited, and abusive whores. They can’t take care of an animal that is largely self-sufficient, let alone a child. Anything that gets in the way of their narcissistic thoting gets slapped, abused and spat upon. These whores have no souls and have nothing of any value to give to the world.

Imagine what horrors these savages foist on their children who just want some of mommy’s attention and instead get a slap in their face for crowding the frame during one of mommy’s e-begging marathons.

They must all be – God willing – beaten mercilessly and repeatedly for their debauchery and stupidity.