Vicious, Freedom-Hating, Anti-Constitution Oath Keepers Might as Well be the Feds

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2017

We are now officially a 24 hour source on boomer antifa, AKA the Oath Keepers.

In the comments of yesterday’s article on this anti-First Amendment multiculturalist terror group, where I reported on the Oath Keepers claim that they don’t know anything about the violence that was committed against a member of the Alt-Right to silence his speech, despite having previously stated that they would initiate this form of political violence, a poster made some very important observations:

Oath Keepers are bad news. Most of them are former police. Don’t think for a minute that they don’t keep in regular contact with their old colleagues and if their old colleagues ask them to do something for them they’ll probably do it. If you were the head of FBI counter intelligence this is exactly the kind of organisation you would want on the ground at street demonstrations across America. They’re not on the ground as official capacity as police so they’re able to do things that police aren’t. They have plenty of funding and they’re everywhere. To join Oath Keepers you have to have made a constitutional oath and that selects for police so it’s not out of the ordinary most of them are former police.

These people have used threats and intimidation and physical attacks to silence speech which means that the purpose of this organisation isn’t to protect the constitution. They should be arrested on RICO charges for conspiracy to violate civil liberties but that’s never going to happen because they are a FBI asset. The FBI infiltrates and shuts down all kinds of militias but strangely they never touch the Oath Keepers. Funny, huh?

I agree with this, 100%.

Of course, nothing can be known for sure, and calling people outright “feds” is not helpful, as that can go on forever with endless accusations against anyone based on nothing.

I don’t know if they are feds.

It is certainly suspicious that it is a special organization that only allows military and law enforcement (and first responders, can’t forget them) to join.

And it is simply an observable fact that this is a well-funded militia operation that the feds are not shutting down.

The feds are obsessed with shutting down militias, as a rule.

What’s more, not only are they the only militia that I have seen operate with total impunity and apparent support from law-enforcement, but they also happen to be the only militia I have ever seen even talk about how anti-racist they are – let alone threaten and/or attack people to shut down their First Amendment rights.

Point being: it doesn’t matter if they are feds or not. Because if they’re not, they might as well be, as they are doing the exact same things they would do if they were feds.

That rule should always be applied when dealing with individuals or groups that are causing problems – there is never a need to outright accuse them of being feds, unless you have actual documentary proof of this. The real issue is that it doesn’t matter if they are feds or not – if the behavior pattern is there, why they are engaging in that behavior pattern is irrelevant.

Also note: we knock on boomers a lot here, but the real boomer militia movements of the 80s and 90s were awesome – and their talk radio shows weren’t bad either.

Special note to the Oath Breakers:

Come and take it, traitors.