Vice UK on What Life will be Like Under an Islamic Caliphate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2015

Here Vice takes a ride with Anjem Coudary, and we hear about what life will be like when the Moslems complete their takeover of Britain.

Coudary rides around with Vice and explains what he is going to change, all over the city. Funnily enough, they run into Boris Johnson on his bike. Anjem Doesn’t like Boris.

Interestingly, most of what he is talking about doesn’t sound that bad. He wants to clean up the streets, get rid of the faggots, put the women back in their place, tear down that sickening “London Eye(sore).”

The fact that I like much of what this guy wants to do does not mean that Islam would be good for England, it simply shows how much worse than Islam the current modern system is.

In some ways, it feels like we have set ourselves up to be taken over by Islam. When you remove every basic aspect of the natural order, all at once – destroy family values, destroy religion, destroy the diet, destroy national identity, allow millions of foreigners inside your country – for no clear logical reason, you cannot possibly expect that a stronger system will not come and replace your system (or rather, lack of any system).

The bottom line here is that nature is trying to repair itself, and it will repair itself with or without the White race. Moslems might be animals, but they are natural creatures, who possess a system derived from nature, while the White race, having obeyed the requests of the Jew, is engaged in open warfare with the natural order.

I truly believe that the universe is on the side of those of us who are fighting the good fight, attempting to bring European civilization back into line with the order of nature. At the same time, it is quite clear that nature has a back-up plan if we fail, and that is the complete destruction of our civilization by these brown hordes.

Like the City of Sodom, if we reach the point where not a single just man can be found among us, there is a cleansing fire which lays in waiting, prepared to rain down upon the mess that we have wrought.

Here is another video of Vice visiting Anjem.